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The Secretary

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After that the butler lead Ester for the kitchen where it would work as helping of Emilia, the cook. The kitchen was spacious with two stoves of rock, one for baked, another one for stews, on this had a suspended cauldron for an imprisoned chain of iron in a bar in the ceiling. Tlio took Alberto for the stable in the behind part of the buildings. In the deep ones of the castle it had other lesser constructions, the house of the secretary, the lodging of the guard, the house of forges, the herbrio, the house of banns of the servant, deposits other lesser constructions that served of deposits. Alberto started to work as helping in the stable. The task that it received was to clean the stables. Quicken Loans spoke with conviction.

The youngster removed the dirt of the bay ones went up for stairs until the high one of the wall and from there he played for the other side. All the garbage of the castle was played that way and the mount of dejections already started to pull down for inside of the irrigation ditch. This age the work of Alberto, to clean bay the alimentary one and to brush the horses, to burnish and to conserve the clean harnesses. When entardecer, after its obligations, Alberto it rambled for the patio of the castle until the hour of the supper. In the lateral of the main building, it had a chapel, consisting of a small room with the altar and some banks wooden. The altar consisted of a table covered for white hemp towel a trimmed with wooden golden income, and one crucifixo. Alberto sat down in one of the last banks and started to pray. It was of closed eyes, the absorbed inclined face, when its attention was deviated by a soft noise of steps and farfalhar of a dress. Finishing to pray, it opened the eyes and ahead saw a woman kneel on a cushion of the altar.