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It remembers that the urgency, the pressure, stress, are sensations and emotions GENERATED from a PARTICULAR approach and INTERPRETATION of the Reality; you think and soon you feel; since this is thus, Why not to choose to think what IT GENERATES more constructive emotions to you? Aplicativo example: Supn that you are very estresado because YOU MUST give to a task " urgente" but you know that you will not finish it, What happens if you do not finish it, are more terms? if not pregntate: What I can learn of this experience? To organize, to trust to me more better me, to administer better my time. As you see, when you analyze positively, always are options. It remembers: The opportunities not only " encuentran" " fabrican" from the suitable approach. STEP 2: IT DETECTS IN WHAT YOU USE YOUR TIME You have an agenda and a schedule? Then they are very useful tools that collaborate in your organization of the time; basically they allow you to enjoy more and better, they facilitate ordenarte to you and they collaborate in the formation of the constructive habit to prioritize the important thing. Which are the things that absorb parts significant of your time and that THEY DO NOT CONTRIBUTE with anything? What would happen if you did not do them? Who would be you and how you would feel if you did not do them? Who would be you and what you would feel if you made those things that really matter to you? Which would be the first step to begin to do that in truth matters to you? How you would feel if you took that first great step? STEP 3: IT DETECTS YOUR HOURS OF GREATER YIELD At what moment of the day you render more and better? At what moment of the day you feel fresher and with the abierta mind more? How you could prolong those moments of greater yield? What so if you choose to do the important thing at your moments of greater yield? To identify your hours of greater yield is very useful, because if you realise in those hours what it is more important for you, the task to you will become easier, you will enjoy more and you will feel better. .

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