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CRM Customer

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As well as a customer rises and low on the scale of loyalty, also at some point in the transition, can migrate from one segment to another. The change of the status of customer segmentation can be used to carry out specific actions (marketing, sales, etc.), which will be designed to understand the causes of the change of segmentation. Manifestations of the defection of clients in a recent survey found that more than 80 percent of dropouts were caused by an emotional response from the customer, more non-commercial. More than 40 per cent of which deserted, expressed problems in the management of the relationship with the client, and 30 percent said a mismatch in price and the value of the product or service offered by them, what made them feel that they were not treated fairly. Understand the manifestations of defection of clients and the main types of emotional attitudes that occur in the relationship with a client, will be of great importance for the analysis and predictability of future defections. Remember that a very small percentage of customers will take the time to call and complain of their service; More than 90 percent of customers do not, giving you the opportunity of resolving issues in a timely manner, and thereby save the relationship. Consequently, additional indicators and predictive factors for dropping out, are necessary if you want to retain the loyalty of the client. Final note on indicators of loyalty and a well structured and strategic approach to CRM systems to manage the relationship and loyalty with customers, are essential for structuring their business strategy and so build a significant advantage for your organization.

The following are the steps that will enable you to develop and retain customer loyalty. Invest in the creation of a solid image to clients the image that clients of your company in the contact points, to acquire the commitments and transactions, they become a powerful tool for your business. The efforts dedicated to the search for data and the implementation of action plans, may establish deployment strategies on your customer and your business performance. Optimize sales and Marketing efforts with the analysis of the adjustment of resources customers, segmenting customers and non-customers, and carrying out a follow-up to the outcome of your business, will improve its earnings and revenue, without incurring the expenditure growth. Take concrete actions and follow-up the defection of customers the reduction in customer attrition, will significantly improve your cash flow and profits of your business. Investment in the emotional customer will provide your company’s success, which generates greater fidelity. Include employee loyalty in the indexes of loyalty, and make a similarity between the customer loyalty and incentives to its employees research has shown that employees Leales are best selectors of new customers Leales. Invest in indexes loyalty, implementation of surveys and incentives to its employees, provide the necessary tools for the construction of the customer loyalty. This article has been developed based on the document called White paper on customer loyalty metrics to three-phase maturity model approach of Mark C. Meyer of the company Strategy to Value Consulting.


Myth, Philosophers and Scientists

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Since whom he had conscience to exist in the world, the man, as much how much to take care of of its proper survival, incessantly was worried in knowing of where came and for where he goes. Inquietou for catching the reality, knowing as and because the things to its redor happen, of the form as they happen. Nothing it moved with regard to this, of the primrdios until today. But of what never these concerns still exist. The way to deal with them, in transcorrer of history, is that it has followed different ways. For the primitive peoples and of the Antiquity, in Greece, the first form to try to explain the reality was through Mythology.

Some natural phenomena had passed to be explained as being determined for called entities Deuses. The winds, the oceans, the fire, rains and others as many phenomena had passed to be attributed to the will of this Deuses. The peoples had imagined then them as having to be able supernatural, they reverenciaram and them and they cultuaram. For those peoples, in its time, the things were decided. The phenomena existed because these entities made powerful them to happen. This belief of the peoples in deuses mitolgicos lasted for much time, contemplating the man in its basic investigations on the world.

But one another form to explain the reality started to appear, also still in the Antiquity. It was the advent of the Philosophy. For philosophy ‘ is understood; ‘ friend of sabedoria’ ‘ (filo=amigo + to sofia=saber). Differently of the mythology, that is a form of knowledge based on the fantasiosa representation of the reality, where deuses appeared as product of the imagination of a people, maneuvers the natural phenomena and supernatural, the philosophy has in the reason the bedding of its explanations of problems that same it chose as basic.