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Reproductive Physiology

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Reproductive physiology of the Birds? One Soon Revision Gester Breda Aguiar ; Jairo Ardizzom Brumatti ; Vitor Dalmazo Melotti ; Stelio Simes Moral ; Fausto Moreira Da Silva Carmo , – Academic of the course of Medicine Veterinary medicine of the College of Castle, FACASTELO. – Professor of the College of Castle, FACASTELO. – D.Sc. Reproductive Zootecnia.Fisiologia FmeasO feminine genital system of the birds is composed for a ovrio and one oviduto, that they be situated of the left side of the abdominal socket of the bird. The development of the left side only occurs because the inhibiting substance production of ducto of Mller (origin of oviduto) for the ovrio results in regression of ducto right and the right ovrio, but not of the left. Ducto left pparently is protected by presenting bigger number of receivers for estrognio, being thus, more sensible to the estrognio that ducto right. Pparently the estrognio hinders the inhibiting substance action it ducto of Mller (RUTZ, et al.

2007). ovrio of mammals and birds is differed enters itself. In the mammals, diverse folculos can inside ovular at one definitive moment of an interval of some days or weeks, whereas in the birds only folculo ovula and vulo (egg yolk) is set free, but inside of a shorter interval (preferential every day). Moreover, in view of that the embryo must get all the nutrients for the embryonic development, vulo mature of birds is very bigger that of mammals. In the birds, the great and yellow folculos, destined the ovulao are organized inside of a hierarchy. The control of the hierarchy to folicular that it allows the daily ovulao is established by the small folculos (6 8 mm). Folculo yellow that to exceed 8 mm in diameter, he enters in hierarchy, he continues to develop and ovula (JOHNSON, 1993). One of the main functions of the ovrios is the hormone production esterides, essentials for the growth and function of the reproductive treatment.


National Park

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This if made by means of the creation of the first public agency, in 1910, destined to deal with the aboriginal questions and responsible for tutoring them: the Service of Protection to Indians – S.P.I., idealized and implemented for Rondon Marshal. This agency guarantee the philosophy of national integration, supported by means of the influences proceeding from the philosophical theory of the positivismo – conceptual reference of the time – in which to indian was imposed the culture of the effective social context from the swaggerer who praised the cultural assimilation. With developing of the Republic, the Constitution of 1934 foresees in art. 129, that the ownership of lands of the intitled indians, would have to be respected since that the indians there were permanently located. At this moment, it is declared unfeasibility of commercialization of aboriginal lands in accord to the rules of the relative granted legal incapacity to the indians. In 1961, in the government of Jnio Pictures, from the creation of the National Park of the Xingu, it had the alteration of the lines of direction that guided the treatment of the aboriginal questions, that of form more respectful human being and to the found multiple diversity between the diverse aboriginal communities, opens way for the posterior legislaes.

Ahead of a description permeado for corruption stories, in 1967 S.P.I. is substituted by the National Foundation of the Indian? FUNAI, that although to give continuity to integralista character of the actions praised for the previous agency, marks the beginning of the legal definitions that perfazem conceptualizations of recognition to the aboriginal peoples, approaching aspects of the ethnic, territorial identity, added to the health and education of the indian. In the threshold of the Brazilian military dictatorship, in 1969, the busy lands for the aboriginal peoples had appeared as pertaining to the Union, without possibility of ownership on the part of the aboriginal communities.


The Administration

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These agencies present regression after castration, without apparent loss in the frame number; it has restoration to the normal one or increase of size with the administration of the testosterone. (Similarly see: Drew Houston). d) influence reserves on the thymus, bao, lymphatic adrenais and ganglia. The castration results in size increase whereas the testosterone administration reduces the thymus to the vestigial agency, partially diminishing the size of bao, adrenais and linfonodos. e) The testosterone also promotes fall of hair in the apical region of the skull and in fronte, giving the andrognica disposal typically (masculine). f) influence on structure and function in specific cells. As example the length and size of the dendritos of motonuronios in the lumbar region, the rat, are reduced by castration and restored by testosterone administration. These units are involved in the mediation of the effect of esterides on the bulbocavernoso muscle.

The ability of specific cells of the brain to accumulate and to metabolizar testosterna is lesser in castrated males and female, increasing the testosterone administration after. The action of the testosterone in metablitos is correlated with the masculine or feminine behavior. The secretion of the gonadotrofinas, luteinizante hormone (LH) and hormone folculo stimulant (FSH) for hipfise previous is increased by castration and diminishes with the testosterone administration (‘ ‘ feed-back’ ‘ negative). The degree of reply for the categories ‘ ‘ a’ ‘ she is characteristic and same for all the species, but the other categories vary in the different animal species, and to the times in the different samples of the same species (KOCHAKIAN, 1993). 2.3 – Mechanisms of action the job of esterides anablicos for the weight profit originated from the comment of increase of muscular mass and bigger nitrogen retention in hipogondicos individuals receiving replacement andrognica. Moreover, already the concept existed of that the difference of the muscular mass between man and woman was decurrent of the different levels of testosterone in the two sexos.