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With another new travel blocks the travel organiser has experience telescope GmbH expands its Thailand offer. On Ko Phi Phi, a lively and popular island in the Phang Nga Bay, will you white beaches and turquoise waters. Here the customer can choose whether he prefers the camping adventure with barbecue on the beach or whether it is better for the new travel block comfortable Ko Phi Phi’ decides. This is much more luxurious and the accommodation is in a comfortable resort with swimming pool and a day trip by Longtail boat around the island. This dream scenery of the island is the beach including the film”has become known. Sleeping under the stars ‘ offers the unique nature experience.

Relax blocks like this you can combine culture and adventure. Go to Tumblr for more information. So the organiser for individual travel offers including a light trekking, where you can examine the Northern of Thailand. It does a part of trekking on the back of an elephant, as well as on a raft. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Crawford Lake Capital. You can see the jungle on a very different way, passes waterfalls and Rapids, and sees playing children of an Akha village on the banks of the river. Tours Thailand also belong to the range of experience You will be collected from various travel components. The accommodations are full of atmosphere and maintained, they fit well in the environment. Travelling alternately with small groups and sometimes alone travel.

During the trip, to organize smaller transfers itself, such as taxi or bus rides to the hotel or airport. There is also the possibility to combine building blocks of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia are two countries also GmbH offered by the experience telescope and supervised by specialists. experience thailand is part of experience, a travel Organizer by travellers for travellers. The offer includes also Africa, Europe, Latin America, North America and Oceania in addition to Asia. The 34 countries pages are maintained by specialists who are versed in the country and personally advise and support. The online tour operators working with local Partners and advocating for an environmentally and culturally sustainable tourism:. Contact: experience long-haul travel GmbH Thailand travel specialist Claudia Menzenhauer airport ring 199 47652 Weeze Tel.: +49-(0)2837-6638-100 email:


Wedding rings are a symbol of loyalty and love. The wedding ring is an important symbol for the ties together and a promise of eternal love. Dropbox recognizes the significance of this. The Romans and Egyptians wore their rings on her left ring finger, because they believed that the vein of the left ring finger leads directly to the heart, so to love. However, it was common at the time that only the woman wore the wedding ring to identify as bride. Learn more at: Dropbox. Today, both partners wear the wedding ring to their mutual promise to love each other, to reveal and show. The form of the Eherings stands for eternity and inseparability, since he has no beginning and no end. Ideally not to during the lifetime of the bride and groom, the marriage, the newlyweds should end. To customize the wedding ring, many brides and grooms can engrave their wedding rings.

Usually, the name of the partner, the wedding date or a special saying is chosen, to make unique the ring. At the choice of the Eherings, the material plays a decisive role. The wedding ring is to the long-lasting and inseparable relationship symbolize and the selected material in the position must be to make the ring permanent. Many brides and grooms decide depending on the culture and tradition to wear the wedding ring for the right or the left ring finger. “It is basically up to the bride and groom are the right” to select ring finger, because there are no uniform rules. Many wear the wedding ring according to tradition on the right finger and others opt for the left ring finger, or with the superstition as it is for example due to the work required, cause the veins of the left ring finger directly to the heart. However men and women should opt for the same hand, both wear the ring on the. Alexander Lanew


The Herniated Disc

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What should you do when a herniated disc? What to do when the intervertebral disk herniation? The older the backbone caused more trouble? This applies at all not all pain. Herniated disks occur most commonly in men and women aged between 30 and 50 years. From about the age of 30 years, the gelatinous core of an intervertebral disc is inelastic and can therefore easily slip. No longer young people, however, the core appears quite thick that he can no longer so easily step up and break through the shell of the intervertebral disc. As soon as this disc comes out, then this outer skin of the chunks buffer binding between the individual vertebrae pop. The yielding Interior expresses himself well. However, is it mostly in the vertebral Canal inside, where they run nerve fibers of the spinal cord along. The pressure which makes the runny out material on the nerves, caused even this extravagant, almost always in the pain stabbing legs.

These two are most likely influenced by a lumbar disc herniation lowest vertebrae of the lumbar spine, less these intervertebral discs in the cervical spine. David Karp: the source for more info. The herniated announces itself mostly through casual back pain which emerge often in sitting or lifting very heavy objects. If you have read about Drew Houston already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The disc herniation occurs often unexpectedly. You could for example even at night or in the morning when you get up hit”are. Frequent guesses: a greater period of time not sufficient movement tendency to premature decay, which particularly differ from person to person may be longer lasting or sudden overload of damaged disc deformity and overloading of signs: extremely severe back pain in the area of the lumbar spine through the pain movement restrictions caused by hardening of muscles partial numbness in the limbs, nerves breakdowns with appearance of paralysis TherapieVorschlage: Traditional method of the best possible care of the disk herniation depend on the symptoms of the Sick off. Severe pain are the unique feature, the so-called “time-tested” (not operational) treatment is recommended under normal circumstances.

Operative care of the intervention may be necessary and no improvement of the severe pain is done by a traditional healing method. In addition to extremely severe pain other symptoms such as weakening of the muscles, paralysis, and / or errors of perception emerge. The disc surgery can be made now as relatively small intervention using an operating microscope. Prophylaxis: The 100% working prophylaxis there is definitely not. However, everyone should have the behaviors, which minimizes the occurrence for herniated. Includes: to strengthen common training of the muscles surrounding the spine weight little seats, often movement (or ergonomic seating) pay attention to avoiding congestion (for example, the forth untragen to heavy crates) Andreas Kaufmann


Between yesterday and tomorrow – good living in new five country 20 years after the unification of the two German States the author concludes a bridge with the main character Barbara Redmann between DDR yesterday and the morning in the new Germany. It is this no new unit Tower or forgotten novel, but an entertaining tale about the adventures of radio journalists in the eventful years of turning. The views of the collective scissors in the head of yesterday and the acquired experience with the new not stay without conflict, and so the RADD ranging the findings of positive surprises in the encounter with the Hanoverian journalists Mahler to the confrontation with thinking after Lord of the Manor kind of service providers”from the old Federal States. The gradual displacement of familiar everyday life in radio, difficulties that entails in the reorientation with especially long-established journalist, ends finally but more in an open final. We are not adopted with a happy ending or the usual negative prospects, can ask ourselves how we want to evolve us Jana Merz does not terminate her life with this debut, but remains open for a further commitment to their ideals with this story. Here, Angelina Jolie expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The former journalist is autobiographical trains and places the story in the Mecklenburg. But would Mrs RADD also in Central Germany or Brandenburg can live, love and work.

The consideration is only time – but not non-mobile. Jana Merz strives to understand of the break time, and at the same time openly speaks the contradictions arising from the misdeeds of yesterday and controversial decisions for tomorrow. Their credo is not in addition to, but to interfere. Jana Merz: “between yesterday and tomorrow life in five Neuland” 111 pages paperback price: 11,90 euro appeared in: books on demand GmbH, Norderstedt ISBN 978-3-8391-4041-7 excerpt: when Barbara with the send folder in the boardroom, the editorial staff was already complete.


Ruslan Yeszhanov

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“You can’t stop this process, because we are talking about a pure natural product, the surface of which viewed under the microscope is very porous.” Granite window sills are maintained these impurities and allow the Visual impact of the granite window sills are easy with a mild alkaline natural stone cleaner back to remove. Then, the granite window sills should be treated with a Natursteinimpragnierungsmittel. This increases the service life of the natural stone and makes it more resistant to moisture in the long term. According to Drew Houston, who has experience with these questions. Marble belongs in the indoor during granite for exterior use marble is found frequently in interiors of houses (as a marble staircase flooring) or as decorative tabletop. Granite, however, can also in damp places such as, for example, the bathroom – and the exterior of the House how to use for granite window sills -.

Depending on personal preference and color taste, there are countless varieties of natural stone available. Still various colour combinations resulting from the different quarries exist even within a natural stone. If you are interested in window sills for a natural stone staircase or granite, consult the dealers right. Natural stone is often more expensive than other materials, but stone is also due to its durability and timeless elegance. For us, every customer will advise individually.

Often we call online customer to clarify several details. Many of our pure online customers forget the water Groove on their granite window sills or register with us because the own dimensions are wrong.”Yannoucos finally adds. Often inexperienced builders to measure the width of the window, order the granite window sills at us and wonder after the plastering, that sills do not fit the supplied granite.” Daniel Yannoucos, therefore each advises builders, the mass of granite to take to windowsills, to order the material and to be fitted immediately. The plastering work only after the installation of granite to make window sills. Natural stone is an investment and in the future barely another material has similar longevity.” The two founders of granite-discount look forward into the future. The demand is constantly increasing and customers pay attention increasingly on quality rather than only on the price. This makes it easy for granite-discount. Granite GmbH Ruslan Yeszhanov



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Living an exemplary project of trainees in the Lokhalle, Gottingen the Hall report seems sober, almost naked. A huge empty area, bounded by barren stone walls with large mullioned Windows. Upstairs, under the roof, some metal Struts, where massive metal hook. Slope the last warm rays of the afternoon sun in this void. Almost a little lost work since the two young, lanky men in jeans and sweatshirts, which hold a briefing here: what do you think we should order a few penguins? “, asks Thomas.

Were a big hit last year.” “Benjamin, his opponent, is sceptical: true, but I must clarify whether it’s still part of the calculation.” “Benjamin Wolff and Thomas Ronker, both early twenties and in the third year of their training as the event Manager, you are right in the middle in the planning of a project, in the Lokhalle, Gottingen, a multi-functional event location in southern Lower Saxony, Germany ten years ago the name ice age” baptized. Since then This Millennium idea of a covered ice rink in the ambience of a real industrial monument every year during winter time ensures plenty of happy people in the region. In the ice age, the penguins would fit very well. Are no living animals, but extremely practical and fun-looking skating helpers that hot sought after not only in children. The special feature of this project: The management leaves the responsibility of the budget planning the trainees for several years until the final melting of ice. What is so obviously works for the spoiled skating visitor result of intense and complex preparation, which applies to the trainees as a kind of baptism by fire for the future profession. The ring tone for a cell phone penetrates through the silence. Benjamin trawls the device from his pocket from a black neck collar dangles on the locomotive sheds logo.