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Antonio Banderas

November 4th, 2013 / Tags: , , / categories: Uncategorized /

I think having read Tarantula, written by Thierry Jonquet, and whose argument initially inspired the skin I live many years ago, published in Spain by the black label collection. Or was it black series? The doubtful employment I think because I am sure that impressed me at the beginning, but I don’t remember you would have patience to get to the end, that its development desintereso me. In regards the film that I saw me impossible approaching her in a virginal State, without owning references about its content, already that the wise publicity machine that Almodovar handles superbly from their ancestors and manages to receive continuous and strategic information of each new creature yours before, during and after childbirth, offered me numerous data on it. And I am of course also warned through his statements and those of Antonio Banderas that is a film where you have felt vertigo, have come closer to the abyss, is imbued with icy horror. Source of the news:: Portrait of a horror even more hollow than cold