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People with acne, consider that it is an annoying problem, which frustrates them to the point of despair. Treatment of acne on the skin has a time, once it has developed, but the truth is that if it has not yet started, then it is very easy to prevent it if it has just begun to appear, after the prescribed treatment, must have positive results in a short period of time. No matter what your situation, you can have healthy skin if it manages to keep some guidelines on her mind proper skin care. Keep your skin clean may be the most important part of his regime daily for skin care is to keep the skin clean. It must be washed twice a day, morning and night, with a hypoallergenic soft cleaner.

In addition, you must clean after any activity that makes you sweat an abnormal, such as strenuous exercise or activity amount. Of utmost importance is the type of cleaner that you use on your skin. Scrubbing the skin with a strong or abrasive SOAP will only make your acne worse. If you don’t know of a good cleanser for your skin type, consult your dermatologist for advice. Once the skin is flushed (carefully), rinse it and dry it. If your hair is oily, like the skin, then it must be washed with shampoo every day because the hair oil can easily find their way to face and cause problems.

Shave carefully shaving is a problem that usually affects men only. As the choice of the type of knife used (electrical or safety), it depends on what the easiest and most comfortable way is to use. Using safety razor blades, the blade cuts should be the only thing that is used in acne-prone skin. Before applying shaving foam, the beard must first be softened with water and SOAP.