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Manufacturer's recommendations – Operation trucks produced in dry areas compacted at an ambient temperature of minus 40 C to plus 40 C. The main lifting devices within the delivery autoloader are forks. Forklifts can be converted to work with other easily removable lifting devices – bezblochnoy boom or bucket. – To work on the trucks can Only qualified persons assigned to truck and responsible for its technical condition – Upon receipt of the forklift should be prepared for operation. If the forklift was conserved, to make re-activation.

– During the first 50 hours of a new forklift truck, ie, during the break-in details, especially the need to strictly follow the rules specified in the chapter "Running Forklift – Draining fluid from the engine cooling system to make sure two faucet (tap sink and tap shirts cylinder) with the removed radiator cap – For normal operation of the engine requires gasoline A-72 GOST 2084-77 – follow the correctness of the opening tip of the main jet carburetor. Darkness must be turned away for 1 -2 turnover of the position of complete closure – Carburetor has an automatic control that limits speed of the engine crankshaft under load within 2800-3175 rpm at idle (no load) at 3500-4300 rpm. Speaking candidly Evergreen Capital Partners told us the story. To change its regulation is prohibited. In the case of removal of seals from the user control plant did not guarantees reliability and durability of the engine. – Enriching the mixture by pressing the suction when starting a cold engine should be done very sparingly to avoid falling into the suction pipe. Use of leak- when starting a hot engine is totally unacceptable. – When the engine warms up after putting pen suction to pull the very few – After a cold start can not be given once more speed crankshaft, since cold oil comes to the crankshaft bearings slowly, and at high rotational speed, they can be melted – Efficiency of the engine and wear it to a great extent depends on temperature of the engine. Maintain a coolant temperature 80-90 C and do not start the movement and operation of the forklift cold or cold engine.

– In cold weather put a damper sector suction pipe in the winter position – the water pump bearings should be lubricated with grease, lubricant specified in the map. Lubrication of grease is not allowed – Access to the parking brake when driving is not allowed, except for emergency cases – by self should begin only after heating the working fluid in a hydraulic system – Ensure timely and tighten the bolted connections, particularly paying attention to the mounting forklift truck chains, bumpers, wheels, driving axles, flanges, universal joints, steering rods and rear suspension – If you are working to prevent the lifting and transportation of loads exceeding the permissible. – Allowable weight of cargo on the forks, depending on the position of its center of gravity and lift heights indicated on the plate in the cab – stacking raised to a height of more. 400 mm of soil is allowed only on horizontal areas. Permissible deviation from the horizontal movement of cargo in the transport position is permitted on slopes less than 9 (16%) – the loads must be placed evenly over the width of the fork – Minor general cargo must be stowed in a special container which protects it from falling during transport