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Easily Learns

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Step 1: First you must lower and install the application. You can do it from its official site. Unloading and installs the application ” Next Video iPod Converter” freeware (free). The interface of the program this in English but is very intuitive and easy to use. Step 2: In the program it chooses the option YouTube Download. A window will be abrir that with the text Enter YouTube followed Video URL of a field where there is to enter the URL (complete direction) of the video which you wish to lower. Example: .

In order to begin the unloading you must make click in button OK. Before you must asegurarte in which directory (location) you are going to lower the file. For this you must do click in botnChange. Step 3: The majority of the videos raised YouTube is of short duration so long time in unloading it will not take. After it finalizes the unloading will automatically abrir to a window with the Select title output format where you must choose the format to which you want to turn the file with extension .flv unloaded of YouTube. iPod will appear in predetermined form the formats for reproducers. In order to see the other formats you must make click in the button of the part Other inferior Pro. Devices and to choose, in this case, AVI or MP3.

Step 4: Before turning it you can form the properties of the exit video (so large, audio, coDEC, etc.) doing click in the Settings button, for this you must have a basic knowledge on the attributes of audio and video. Step 5: Finally you choose the directory of exit and beams click in the Start button. After which the conversion finishes will automatically abrir a window (of the chosen directory) with the turned file or to AVI or MP3. That is all the process of conversion and I hope that it has served so much to you as.