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Jim Rohn

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Maintaining your own program always been difficult from time to time, but today, you have to balance multiple tasks and people to achieve maximum results. You will find that the return is massive once you have given a touch in the synergy and momentum of the dynamics of their group and team work. (4) Promoting first, is the campaign of spring and then the fall campaign. Then, this is the objective of the campaign of the month. You never know when this is going to click on someone to wanting or having to buy from you or be a part of what you do, but taking the offer, the special, or competition that goes when they are ready can make all the difference.

(5) The MLM recognition offers the possibility of belonging. Some people work harder for recognition of what they do that for the money. This motivates people to do something that usually alone, they would not do; they could, but they don’t think about it. You come with a bit of promotion for this month or this quarter, and everything changes for them. I found that this paid the big money. (6) The last communication, learned communication as do training, as do the teaching. And probably the greatest gift of all I was learning to inspire with words. Inspires people to better see what they are with all those gifts, all those skills.

I know the voice that tells them that they have made a wise decision by what. Now, I think that with only this short, short list that I have given, you will be better equipped for the modern multi-level world! My warning must learn multiple skills, or if I say, support for 21st century skills. There is no better place to learn them on the job where you already are, doing what you do now.


The Day

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It remembers that the urgency, the pressure, stress, are sensations and emotions GENERATED from a PARTICULAR approach and INTERPRETATION of the Reality; you think and soon you feel; since this is thus, Why not to choose to think what IT GENERATES more constructive emotions to you? Aplicativo example: Supn that you are very estresado because YOU MUST give to a task " urgente" but you know that you will not finish it, What happens if you do not finish it, are more terms? if not pregntate: What I can learn of this experience? To organize, to trust to me more better me, to administer better my time. As you see, when you analyze positively, always are options. It remembers: The opportunities not only " encuentran" " fabrican" from the suitable approach. STEP 2: IT DETECTS IN WHAT YOU USE YOUR TIME You have an agenda and a schedule? Then they are very useful tools that collaborate in your organization of the time; basically they allow you to enjoy more and better, they facilitate ordenarte to you and they collaborate in the formation of the constructive habit to prioritize the important thing. Which are the things that absorb parts significant of your time and that THEY DO NOT CONTRIBUTE with anything? What would happen if you did not do them? Who would be you and how you would feel if you did not do them? Who would be you and what you would feel if you made those things that really matter to you? Which would be the first step to begin to do that in truth matters to you? How you would feel if you took that first great step? STEP 3: IT DETECTS YOUR HOURS OF GREATER YIELD At what moment of the day you render more and better? At what moment of the day you feel fresher and with the abierta mind more? How you could prolong those moments of greater yield? What so if you choose to do the important thing at your moments of greater yield? To identify your hours of greater yield is very useful, because if you realise in those hours what it is more important for you, the task to you will become easier, you will enjoy more and you will feel better. .


Choose Without Fear

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Grasping itself as they can they jvenesdeciden, them algovital, that will mark its immediate and distant future. The alternatives are enough: to begin to work, to study baccalaureate, to make a cycle formative of degree superior or to continue studying to go to the university. There are no bad alternatives, but all needs unadedicacindistinta and means a type of very different life. Previamentedeben conocertodas the advantages and disadvantages, of being informed into which is the economic situation of its parents and what it is what it adjusts more to them according to his preferences, intellectual capacity and other qualities. In some ocasionesresulta very to difcildescubrir how he is one same one, that is what it pleases to him or occurs him well, and if truly their desires respond to expectations realescon the years. Whatever in the end all we ended up deciding.

Great mayorasin external pressure and enchanted with its decision; forced others by the family and displeasures. On the other hand, there is people who are displeased with the election that took, but think that no longer she can change of scope. Certain it is that in spite of queno it is possible to return fsicamentehay backwards things that can be retaken, if the particularitities facilitate therefore it. For that they have a schedule of average day or a flexible use always is the possibility of making some course through the network, that forms in what always we have wished and that, by reasons several to us, we could not haceren the past. Also solicitarun is quienpuede stops temporary of his trabajoe going away to another country to perfect that language that resists to him for years. This conduct also can be applied anuestro day to day, applying the principle of ” he is never tarde” giving permission us to return to enamor to us, to realise a course of aerobics or everything what it makes us feel well.



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Moscow, has sent 2 bombers to Venezuela with that is prepared to make naval exercises joint. Russia deepens the challenge before the USA that made when attacking Georgia and soon recognize the separation of this one of two satellites his. In 11-S-1973 the USA it encouraged the overthrow of Beyond a that presented/displayed to him like a puppet of the Comunism. Today the Kremlin has a capitalist government and is, rather, Venezuela that looks for use her to protect to the DAWN and its friendly in the region. Bush wants to put a force shirt on Morals and to go undermining it, to avoid that Strap prevails in Ecuador and that Chvez suffers a new electoral defeat. Caracas, rather, looks for to respond clearing authority to Washington in the region. The republicans will want crisis use to insist on the necessity to continue with a hard foreign policy and Palin in cutting the dependency of Venezuelan petroleum perforating more wells in the natural reserves of Alaska. The democrats will protest against Evo and Chvez, but they will want to show the voters who the best way to avoid than the USA continues losing respect in the world is with a less antagonistic diplomacy and a new president of color that is able to have a discussion and to moderate their opponents..


Argentine President

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Without a plan, Cristina Kirchner is launching plans 18 August 2009 Argentina does not have a Government plan. It has no State policies. Clearly, Argentina can be adjusted to the new trend of thought light of today’s society that promotes live the present regardless of what is to come.So his Government live every day without thinking too much in the morning (or actually does, but in terms of political benefits), putting patches on top of old patches. Part of the strategy post legislative elections they lost? On Friday of last week, the Argentine President, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, national chain, announced a plan of employment dubbed Plan of Social income with work, which provides for the generation of 100,000 jobs and an initial investment of $1.5 billion. The first intervention (of the plan) will be in Buenos Aires, said the President.

The interpretation of El Cronista was as follows: Kirchner seeks to reactivate the negotiation as well policy with intendants of the suburbs and piqueteras organisations. The announcement, beyond political interpretations, leaves much fabric to cut and many questions. How are the Argentina really? It reaches the plan to reduce appreciably the fragile social situation of the population? And what about the fiscal situation while continuing the increase of public expenditure? What has been the life of the megaplan of investments announced in 2008? Argentina, is without doubt, a country full of questions. The plan is a typical policy of encouragement of clearly Keynesian dye that seeks temporary solutions, by means of action which will be jointly coordinated with municipalities and provincial governments, seeking to start thousands of cooperatives of between 50 to 70 people, where tasks would be included ranging from painted laces and schools until the construction of sewers and sidewalks. National box is opened again and the Governors and mayors are starting to row to become part of the funds, having to negotiate political obedience.


New Generations

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The experience is demonstrated working the twenty-four hours and is something that I will do like mayor of Cotobade. How will make compatible its work like mayor with its studies of Right? It will be dedicated completely to the mayorship? The Right is something that is going to help to me enough in my assignment. I am in quarter and I hope to finish next year. I will try to make compatible both things. I know that a to start off of now I am going to have very little social life, but I am very contented, is going to me to make very happy east project. It has commented that this will be its first remunerated work. It is truth that one of the first things that will do will be to be reduced the pay? ctivamente, and to happen of three dedications to one, the one of the mayor. We come to serve and not to be served.

With a so complete agenda, it is time for ' hobbies'? Then these last two months I have not been able to do nothing almost than I like. Now I will take small vacations, I will travel by different sites to disconnect and to return with force to put to us from the first day to work. What thinks of the young people encamped in Sun? It would be united to the protest? Subscribe I it in the sense that there are demands necessary logics and, and I believe that must have produced for a long time. I believe that in Spain a regeneration makes lack of the democratic life and am in favor of a greater transparency in the political activity. We come with that speech of regeneracionismo, and are going to try to fulfill it. Can summarize me its program for next the four years in a phrase? To place to Cotobade in the map of Galicia. Which will be the first measurement that will start up like mayor? To accelerate the delivery of the Titles of Property of the Title Concentration of Carballedo and Rebordelo.

With 16 years it was affiliated with New Generations, with 21 one became local president of the PP and with 22 he is already mayor. With 30, president of the Government? Very I am centered in being Mayor of Cotobade and nonfodder in nothing else. I hope to do it well these four years so that in 2015 my party it returns to me to propose like candidate to the Mayorship. Source of the news: The youngest mayor of Spain: " The experience is demonstrated working the 24 horas"