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The experience is demonstrated working the twenty-four hours and is something that I will do like mayor of Cotobade. How will make compatible its work like mayor with its studies of Right? It will be dedicated completely to the mayorship? The Right is something that is going to help to me enough in my assignment. I am in quarter and I hope to finish next year. I will try to make compatible both things. I know that a to start off of now I am going to have very little social life, but I am very contented, is going to me to make very happy east project. It has commented that this will be its first remunerated work. It is truth that one of the first things that will do will be to be reduced the pay? ctivamente, and to happen of three dedications to one, the one of the mayor. We come to serve and not to be served.

With a so complete agenda, it is time for ' hobbies'? Then these last two months I have not been able to do nothing almost than I like. Now I will take small vacations, I will travel by different sites to disconnect and to return with force to put to us from the first day to work. What thinks of the young people encamped in Sun? It would be united to the protest? Subscribe I it in the sense that there are demands necessary logics and, and I believe that must have produced for a long time. I believe that in Spain a regeneration makes lack of the democratic life and am in favor of a greater transparency in the political activity. We come with that speech of regeneracionismo, and are going to try to fulfill it. Can summarize me its program for next the four years in a phrase? To place to Cotobade in the map of Galicia. Which will be the first measurement that will start up like mayor? To accelerate the delivery of the Titles of Property of the Title Concentration of Carballedo and Rebordelo.

With 16 years it was affiliated with New Generations, with 21 one became local president of the PP and with 22 he is already mayor. With 30, president of the Government? Very I am centered in being Mayor of Cotobade and nonfodder in nothing else. I hope to do it well these four years so that in 2015 my party it returns to me to propose like candidate to the Mayorship. Source of the news: The youngest mayor of Spain: " The experience is demonstrated working the 24 horas"

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