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Spanish Agency

February 10th, 2021 / Tags: , , , , , , , / categories: Uncategorized /

A recent study conducted by the Spanish Agency for data protection (AEPD) in hospitals in almost all Spain, revealed serious deficiencies in the treatment of medical information. The situation is as worrying, these centres by their nature deal with health data, typified by the special protection and how sensitive data protection regulations and therefore require high level security measures. To read more click here: David Karp. In total it has been consulted 562 hospitals public and private throughout Spain with the exception of the communities which have their own protection agencies of data such as Madrid, Basque country and Catalonia and therefore own departments on the matter. Get all the facts and insights with Drew Houston, another great source of information. However, in Madrid and the Basque country responded that the private centers. The result is alarming, since the lack of implementation of appropriate security measures and the existence of serious deficiencies on the custody and treatment of the personal data of patients detected in more than 200 hospitals. Particularly serious is the situation of the public health where have been found far more failures that in private and despite that up to 66% of them do not perform security audits biennially as it forces the organic law 15/1999 of protection of data of Personal character (LOPD). Failures in the implementation of measures of security and custody of information cause a great risk of improper access to information with sensitive data by unauthorized persons. And so, 30% public centres lacks measures to avoid the loss of clinical documentation during its transport.

In 35% of hospitals medical records file lacks mechanisms that prevent its opening, i.e. are normally stored on shelves in places easily accessible by outsiders or without the relevant authorization. About 40% of 15% of private and public health centers violate the obligation to keep a record of the guarded health information access. In addition, on many occasions, is nor complies with the duty of information at the time of collection of the personal data of patients. It should be noted that the number of complaints has increased significantly in recent years and the main complaints put forward by the complainants are related to the improper dissemination of personal information of special protection, the abandonment of medical histories in containers of public roads, its storage in non-restricted areas, or the loss of histories in automation processes. 123 Allegations were presented in 2009 and so far this year already go 100, in addition to hundreds of requests for protection of rights by persons who have encountered difficulties accessing your own data or their relatives.


Peninsula Rowing Channel Island

May 3rd, 2019 / Tags: , / categories: Uncategorized /

After the closing of navigation and the formation of ice pilot drilling was continued using the device location Subsite-750. The total duration of the facility – from October 2007 to February 2008, if we speak directly on the complex issues of implementation vysheoboznachennyh transitions, first of all, we should pay attention to the complicated geological conditions. In addition to the arduous terrain, the nature of the soil (hard clay, limestone, sand and gravel, water-saturated sand and gravel) are also greatly complicates the task. In addition, the devices "GPR" showed that in the construction of the facility are straw-colored bed of the Volga. Certain problems were related to the delivery pipe, drill and hand tools to sand island Caves. Natural barrier there was water in its two states. It complicated the delivery of the works in the area Peninsula Rowing Channel Island – Caves Sands in the fall, and the area Bor Island – Caves Sands of which were conducted in the winter, "intervened in 'unfit for the movement of equipment ice.

Had involve hovercraft, snowmobiles and other special equipment. Nevertheless, despite all of these difficulties, the project was successfully completed. This task is enriched by specialized companies Trust "Svyazstroy-4" new, largely unique to them and experience. Volga builders for the first time carried out a series of transitions of natural water hazards such length and complexity. We emphasize once again that the work was carried out on great depth.

Project is unique in that transitions through the largest river in Europe was installed HDD Ditch Witch JT8020 with tightening torque 36 m. Thus, thanks to technology Ditch Witch and highly qualified staff "Svyazstroy-4" extensive track record of successfully completed trust objects GNB added another achievement. Speaking of high style, the "frame" of more than 150 000 m constructed earlier transitions were placed corresponding to the "pearl" – 890 m long well! The most commendable quality of service and qualifications of specialists "WITCH Ditch SERVICE" (Moscow). Our employees are ready to help at any time. They – the real professionals their cause, they say, owning a thorough question. In addition, it should be noted for their purely human qualities – kindness, compassion. The above applies to all employees without exception company, but special thanks and recognition of merit chief engineer "WITCH Ditch SERVICE" Nikolay Golubev and engineer Yuri K. Melnikov, provided invaluable assistance directly to the construction the object. Speaking of help to the specialists' Svyazstroy-4 "from other organizations should be noted that geological surveys were conducted with the participation of specialists MAC HDD (Kazan) devices" GPR ". In general, successful completion of the work was made possible through a combination of the following factors: – the presence of advanced and powerful technology of HDD production company Ditch Witch ; – highly professional and experienced concerted action Professional trust "Svyazstroy-4" (GNB professionals, designers, project managers) – a fruitful interaction with the "Ditch SERVICE WITCH" (Moscow) – help fellow guild members in the face of MAC HDD. Returning to talk about the quality of facilities HDD Ditch Witch, voiced the unanimous feedback from the trust "Svyazstroy-4" – American technology has once again confirmed the high reputation as a world leader. Moreover, the management Trust and direct the contractor agree that it is through the use of systems of this manufacturer GNB project to implement the hidden transitions under water hazard so great length and complexity has been successfully completed. Article provided by an exclusive dealer of Ditch Witch – Company Ditch WITCH SERVICE HDD rigs