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Argentine President

December 22nd, 2013 / Tags: / categories: Uncategorized /

Without a plan, Cristina Kirchner is launching plans 18 August 2009 Argentina does not have a Government plan. It has no State policies. Clearly, Argentina can be adjusted to the new trend of thought light of today’s society that promotes live the present regardless of what is to come.So his Government live every day without thinking too much in the morning (or actually does, but in terms of political benefits), putting patches on top of old patches. Part of the strategy post legislative elections they lost? On Friday of last week, the Argentine President, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, national chain, announced a plan of employment dubbed Plan of Social income with work, which provides for the generation of 100,000 jobs and an initial investment of $1.5 billion. The first intervention (of the plan) will be in Buenos Aires, said the President.

The interpretation of El Cronista was as follows: Kirchner seeks to reactivate the negotiation as well policy with intendants of the suburbs and piqueteras organisations. The announcement, beyond political interpretations, leaves much fabric to cut and many questions. How are the Argentina really? It reaches the plan to reduce appreciably the fragile social situation of the population? And what about the fiscal situation while continuing the increase of public expenditure? What has been the life of the megaplan of investments announced in 2008? Argentina, is without doubt, a country full of questions. The plan is a typical policy of encouragement of clearly Keynesian dye that seeks temporary solutions, by means of action which will be jointly coordinated with municipalities and provincial governments, seeking to start thousands of cooperatives of between 50 to 70 people, where tasks would be included ranging from painted laces and schools until the construction of sewers and sidewalks. National box is opened again and the Governors and mayors are starting to row to become part of the funds, having to negotiate political obedience.