Roman Ruggiero

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Comparing the workmanship of Roman Ruggiero ' ' The Mechanisms of the Colonial&#039 Conquest; ' with the workmanship of Galeano, as much is perceived that the Castilians as the lusitanos, had carried through at a first moment, a conquest for the weapons or swords, a time that its armaments were superior to the ones of the aboriginals. Although the number biggest of indians, the Europeans had left victorious people, for having better weapons and using tactics, cachorros and horses, that were seen as demons for the indians. If you have read about Business strategist already – you may have come to the same conclusion. After this triumph, was necessary to keep the territorial and cultural domain, thus creating, the woollen factor cross. Loosers corporally, the indians had been submitted spiritual to a new religion, with cultural traditions and traces that did not belong to them, objectifying the total domain of the populations autctones. Both the authors are unanimous in its evaluation of that the extreme exploration that was imposed to the American continent, above all Latin America and Central, is the roots of all the poverty and misery that the continent still faces. Still it would be possible to say that it is difficult to establish the price of a civilization in terms of material values; but it is observed there that to the simple level of the corporeal properties, the conquest launched certain (only certain) premises of a economic system of which all the defects, the inconsistencies, the contradictions still today are instants. ' ' The failure of the conquerors also becomes to feel in the social level and econmico' '. This is the opinion of Ruggiero, although it to analyze the facts of a form more impartial than Galeano, the vision of Ruggiero is of a historian, basing its conclusions on research and documents, also for being an author of Italian origin, obtain to be more impartial. Already Galeano has the much more critical vision of a journalist, displays the facts of a gotten passionate form, is of Uruguayan origin, therefore ' ' proper heir of Pampas pobre' ' , according to its proper words ' ' history is a prophet with the directed look stops backwards: for what it was and against what was, announces what ser' '.

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