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Rest On The Azov Sea

December 28th, 2022 / Tags: / categories: Uncategorized /

Last year my wife and I were resting in Melekino in a private hotel "Pearl of Azov. Come back for the second consecutive year. Ourselves from the big city and we want to rest quiet, and in that book is just what we need. Hear other arguments on the topic with Kaihan Krippendorff . Although, in the village, closer to the center, on the contrary, many people, that is, where to turn for those who want to actively relax. Direct transport Melekino not, but it's not a problem. We traveled by train Moscow, Moscow, Mariupol, Mariupol up, and there we are at Station owners have met and taken straight to the hotel. Host name is Olga and Stepanovna – good, friendly people. You can eat right in their hotel in a small space reserved for meal. Fabrizio Freda takes a slightly different approach.

No time limits, when he wanted, then came. True, so it is possible only up to 20.00, then cook away. Beach they own and go anywhere is not necessary. Just opened the gates and went to the beach. The sand is clean, there are bins on the beach, there are a lot of sun beds.

I do not know how other facilities, but the suite, where we rested in the first and the second time, decent. Modern furniture, bathroom (shower and toilet) in the room, decent. In general, do not sovdep. Be something like botanical garden or a fabulous park. From talking with the owners know what they plan to soon also pool in their own territory to build. Information about them I have found on azov resort. This is a portal with a large number information about the resorts of the Azov Sea. It seems that there have decided to gather all the information on boarding houses coast of the Azov Sea in Ukraine. In principle, we booked ourselves, communicating by telephone, which is on the site, but you can do it, and through the site, there is a possibility to order a ticket. This year we plan also to go to the Sea of Azov. We hope that the seats will still be at our hotel. The fact that we booked that year in April and has already had to adjust to what was left there because of free days. This year, I just changed his job and still not sure if released in June, here and need to call for the last time, if released. While at azov resort choice is not small, turn to him. But still no hope left that the "Pearl of the Azov rest.


United States Department

May 31st, 2019 / Tags: / categories: Uncategorized /

Conducted each year the program of the United States Department of State – Green Card (Green Card), or as it is officially called – DV-Lottery attracts a lot of wishing to try out for free to emigrate to the United States. Registration of participants DV-Lottery is free, which gives opportunity to participate in the program almost anyone with a valid passport and access to global network. The situation is that "democratic" procedure of registering a huge number of complicated bureaucratic requirements and instructions. As a result – up to 80% on its own registered questionnaires did not meet these very standards. However, not be scared of it.

The complexity of registration – the evil to one who does not can correctly prepare and submit the form, and a huge positive thing for those participants who are responsible reacted to such a significant step as part of grinkard. The more hideous the completed questionnaires will be sent, the greater your chances, provided that it is your form is impeccable. What kind of errors are most often encountered during registration? Over a long period of work we have processed more than one thousand participants questionnaires Green Card. Statistics depressing. Only 4% of registered on our site questionnaires were filled in correctly, contained exactly the relevant technical instructions and photos could have been immediately available.

The remaining questionnaires had to edit, translate, edit, and asks for new photos. Here are the most common errors encountered: 1. Problems with photos. In fact, directly questionnaire to fill in is not difficult enough, but now most people are not able to produce a photo of myself and family members.