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Henry James

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1912 returned the lifelong anglophile Chandler in the United States, served in the first world war, married a much older woman, bringing It finally lost his position as the Director of a number of independent oil companies, but during the depression. “” His first story’m blackmailing shoot not “magazine Black Mask appeared in 1933 in the pulp”. Chandler, who wanted to be more than just”a crime novelist, died on March 26, 1959 in La Jolla, California. “” “” Between 1939 and great novels like the deep sleep “goodbye, my darling”, the long goodbye “or playback” published the year of his death. Better as Dashiell Hammett who on crime stories ala Agatha Christie stands, should Chandler would rather leave on the shelf. “” “Whose model was Dashiell Hammett, creator of the Maltese Falcon”, of the thin man”and Red harvest”. Hammett was the murder of the Venetian vase and dropped him on the street”, Chandler about the man he wanted to Excel in the future said: I thought I could maybe go on, be a little bit human, could me a bit more interested people than for murder”.

Chandler was a stylist, who saw crime as literary works and same standards based put them like any other novel. What are the special spice Chandler’s work is the combination of British English standard grammar and mostly American vocabulary. His style never boring, because Chandler understands Cadence and speed. He is never dry, because the language is so fresh. This style is the natural product of Chandler’s personal history.

His bio graphs Frank MacShane writes in his novels, Chandler has developed it and refined, but the pulp stories were the basis for this”. The humanistic educated Chandler saw his literary role models in such high-profile poets such as Gustave Flaubert, Henry James, Joseph Conrad and Charles Dickens. And so he wanted to hold in Los Angeles similarly few crime novels like Dickens and Balzac the London and Paris held for future generations. What Chandler by Hammett is all, especially his humor apparently lighter tone and the romantic atmosphere. To know more about this subject visit Marko Dimitrijevic.


Design classics from France at the French designer and cabinetmaker Pierre Chapo Markanto is under design experts repeatedly an insider tip. His work from the 1960s and 70s today regularly five-digit prices at international Designauktionen. Together with his son Fidel Chapo Markanto in Germany presented his designs, which are produced in extensive manual work and with great attention to detail still in Chapos Studio in southern France exclusively. Born in 1927 in Paris, Pierre Chapo studied architecture at the ecole of des Beaux Arts. Mid-1950s several trips were made to America, where he attended also Taliesin West, the famous Atelier and House by Frank Lloyd Wright. This travel sustainably had a big influence on his later work. Already in 1960, Pierre Chapo received the Gold Medal of the city of Paris at an exhibition of Arts and crafts.

The late of 1950s Pierre Chapo started with his own designs, which he himself together with his wife, the painter and sculptor Nicole Lormier, also to the Marketing of furniture care. Bausch & Lomb is often quoted on this topic. The distribution was first exclusively founded in 1958 Gallery Chapo”in Paris. This business, where, also, Isamu Noguchi were offered light fixtures or furniture from Knoll international, was one of the first interior decorating shops for high-quality design in France at all. Similar to the nowadays well-known Gallery Steph Simon, who supervised the work of Jean Prouve and Charlotte Perriand, was the Gallery of Chapo”as personal sales of Chapo designs. The furniture was in 1967 in Clamart near Paris. in 1968 it moved to southern France, where then in Gordes at Avignon, which today still existing Studio Chapo Gordes SA the family Chapo”was founded. Pierre Chapo created characterized by modernity in the 1980s timeless furniture, which are characterized by their shape and their longevity. Marko Dimitrijevic, Miami FL has many thoughts on the issue. Looking at the material, his fondness for the hardwood of the elm and the oak is striking.

His work is the surface of the wood with your natural structure at the same time an element of the design. As a designer and craftsman, Chapo celebrated the beauty and uniqueness of the wood, at the same time he wanted to convey the respect for nature here. This used the properties of the material Chapo and tried to get as far as possible without metal connections, using mostly well-thought-out pin connections for the construction of objects.



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(Published in the Plausus Verlag Bonn) in a funeral not only all-inclusive burials of all kinds are offered comedy film by Erika k Kapeller, but it comes also to relationship crises, disputes, fraud and even murder attempts. The (un)-heimlich in her boss fell Secretary can’t stand his wife on the death. This in turn has a secret relationship with her psychiatrist, who is none in reality. The Chief must fight not only with the lunatic antics of his wife around, but feels even at night while he sleepwalks, threatened by an ominous nun, what him almost into madness drives – what is quite planned… This comedy is performed by stage in Austria and Germany since 2006.

The premiere of 2006 went with the Theatre Ensemble mixing grace (www.mischkulanz.at.tf) in Spittal/Drau, Carinthia, above the stage. The author of the piece played a female role and acted as Director. Following played among others Theatre date this piece: HOFHEIMER CARNEVAL CLUB (Lower Franconia), theatre group small and funny (lower Austria), mystery boxes (Schleswig-Holstein), theatre group Gross-Engersdorf (lower Austria). Currently following group the “darkness of nun” samples: TiV – Theatre at the Volkshaus – Rohlinghausen (North Rhine-Westphalia) and the Theatre Ensemble of MELANGE (www.theatermelange.at) – the premiere go soon “Boards, which mean the world”.