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Personal Auto

May 15th, 2014 / Tags: / categories: Uncategorized /

I would like to share with you one of the secrets of overcoming Personal Auto. Here’s the secret: for autosuperarte you have to return you evenly selfish. So as you read it! Has it surprised you? Maybe you’re thinking: of course, if I have to return me selfish, because step to self-improvement! I know that you think about it because I, like you, I have been educated for not being SELFISH in life. And like me, surely happened that when you tried to seek you your well-being you have chided: you only think you! Others don’t care about you! You are selfish! And little by little, you’ve been convincing you that the right thing is to get to the bottom of the list (as long as someone else or else do not occupy that place). But once you’ve stopped to observe how you feel when you prioritize others at your own expense? Perhaps not feeling as the last jar orejon? Really think that this sentiment does not pollute your relationships? I do not know tries to be happy at the expense of others, but nor is it of you relegues your happiness by others, because once you do, you’re showing him those who surround you and showing yourself, you do not deserve nor your own care. And you know how this ends: your self-esteem crashed into a thousand pieces on the ground. Take seriously your happiness because if you’re not happy, believe me, you can not do happy anyone.On the contrary, you teniras your spaces of life (family, friends, work) with your unhappiness. Do you still even thinking that putting you at the end of the list you will improve something to your around?