Later Leader

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In the life it is easy to say any thing, but another very different thing is to preach with the example. Napoleon Hill in its classic book, Piense and Hgase Rico explains that each human being to obtain what wishes in the life must par excellence be a leader: The following are the majors attributes of the leadership 1 UNSHAKEABLE ANGER: This one is based on the self-knowledge, and the occupation of everyone. No follower wants to be dominated by a leader who does not have value nor confidence in itself. Nor their employees will follow a person for a long time. 2 AUTOMATIC CONTROL. The man who cannot be dominated, cannot dominate others.

The own control serves as example its equipment. Most intelligent always they will try to emulate you and to follow it. 3 A RIGHT SENSE OF JUSTICE. Nobody can direct long time to others if he is not sufficient the right thing in his decisions. That aid to retain and to foment the respect of the group.

4 DEFINITIVE DECISION. The man who changes and annuls his decisions shows uncertain and vacillating and it cannot direct with sufficient success. 5 To glide WITHOUT HESITATIONS/. An Entrepreneur of first works later in a plan and in its execution. A leader who works only based on the inspiration is like a boat without rudder; Later or early he is more going to crash against rocks. 6 THE HABIT TO DO MORE OF THAT ONE REASON WHY PAYS TO YOU. One of the punishments of the leadership is the desire of the leader to do more than it will ask his followers. 7 AN PLEASANT PERSONALITY. An untidy person neglected and will be never a leader. The leadership urges respect. Nobody will respect to which it does not take care of in end all the details of an pleasant personality.

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