TV And Video Lighting

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TV and Video Lighting Light is a major raw materials in video production, so their way, direction and intensity of impact on the objective determined, in large measure, the quality of the final image. Therefore be taken into account a number of basic rules of lighting in the scene, to get to show what you want and how they want, as long as tightly as possible to the original plan of shooting. Objectives: – that video cameras produce images of the highest quality possible – get adequate light whatever the location of the camera, – to make the flat image to create an illusion of three-dimensionality, and – all, seeking attractive visual effect. That's why we must take into account factors such as: What light is facing the technician? With the parameter "color temperature" determines the exact color of the light spectrum within existing at the scene, when compared with the light that would create a black body. MSCO may not feel the same. To determine this requires the help of a termocolorimetro. Playing with the intensity or amount of light emitted, they may emphasize certain elements more than others, creating more intimate scenes, or the opposite, bright spaces evenly distributed.

Depending on the direction of incidence of light on the bodies, they cast shadows on one side or another, it will be important to know in advance the exact location of the actor or presenter its position relative to the camera, and the location of other objects that may come in flat. It must also take into account the quality, ie the hardness or softness of the light used. The harsh light is more intense and will encourage good lighting, but at the same time create sharp and well defined shadows. The soft light on the other hand, being more subdued, never participate as a main light source but it will help reduce shadows produced by light harder. The basic triangle of light: Once known the location of the subject in the scene, their orientation, camera position and the stage of shooting, and can form the basic triangle of light. First, generate the key light (hard light) to master the subject, usually placed in the top of the chamber between 15 and 45 . Here are placed the fill light (soft light), in order to reduce the shadows of the main light, and is usually placed on the side opposite the main light. Finally, in light of the contrary, in order to give volume to the scene, which will be located behind the subject so that it is in contrast to their main.


Diamond Twinstar

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Probably one of the twins coolest experimental aircraft engine aircraft is the Diamond DA 42 Twinstar. The Twinstar is propelled by two diesel engines which burn Jet A or even conventional diesel fuel. Sounds good, right? Think of the money you can save? The Diamond Twinstar was a huge hit at Oshkosh 2005 and for good reason, is elegant and sexy and performance is unmatched. The four new Tandem has retractable landing gear and cruise at 18,000 feet of 11.8 gallons per hour at 201 knots, ASA! Even up to 10,000 feet ASL will cruise at 180 knots TAS only 10.7 gallons per hour at 75 percent of energy. Connect with other leaders such as business strategist here. With fuel tanks long range to seventy-five percent of energy has a range of 1251 nautical miles. With standard fuel tanks can go 880 miles.

In fifty percent of energy that can fly for 19 hours and 2200 nautical miles? This would even make an excellent UAV for military patrols. This bird is sexy on the outside and inside the new Garmin glass panel ascetic makes a perfect package of speaking. Although it appears that a trainer twice, but a little racier not intended for training, however, the price is quite attractive when compared to a new day and modern high-performance single-engine aircraft and you get the safety of two engines. Since the aircraft is any compound, is lightweight and fast. The features are large and slow speed, low stall speed range is clearly an advantage. It is fun to fly and the visibility is excellent and full power at takeoff, boy oh boy up..


Uplifting Fragrance

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Feuille d’Menta is a mixture of several herbs, essential oils, with the main ingredients are sage, vetiver, mint and basilic. The perfect combination of these fragrant herbs exudes a rich and fresh aroma, without gloom and turbidity. The addition of mint further accentuates the refreshing and stimulating fragrance, all enveloped in a richness of grass fragrance. History of Sage, vetiver, mint and Basil The healing properties of sage was first discovered by the Romans who brought wise in England. The name of sage “comes from the Latin word” meaning “to save.” In fact, the sage is an herb that is able to save and heal. The Greeks believed that sage is effective in preventing deterioration of the sensory skills and memory loss. The ancient Egyptians believed in wise for the prevention of fever infections and is also used to treat infertility. Vetiver name comes from the Tamil word “vetiverr” which means “ax from above,” a reference to its method crop.

Indians have been using the scent of vetiver to cure the ills of a few thousand years. It also blocks the roots of vetiver in the closet or weave them into cushions and fans to be hung on the door or in the corridor, to emit a light fragrance and allows cooling ventilation. Russians rather small sachets of vetiver essential oil into the pockets of their coats of fur. In recent centuries, the roots of vetiver also been used for the manufacture of various fine spices. The word “mint” is said to come from a young man by the name of “Mind.” According to Greek mythology, when the wife of Pluto discovered Mind in her arms, she became the herb mint.


Trust Factor

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In today’s highly competitive economy, it is difficult to maintain a significant market advantage based on your professional skills alone. For more information see this site: Daniel Gilbert. The development of a trusting relationship with customers is key to its success. No matter what business you are in the most powerful added value that can contribute in any business relationship is the trust factor. The level of confidence in corporate America is at its lowest point, and the suspicion of “all things business” is increasing. Customers and prospects are in search of trust in business relationships. Although people do business with people they know and trust, building trust and credibility does not happen overnight.

What is confidence? Trust can be defined as a firm belief in the honesty of others and the absence of suspicion regarding his motives or practices. The concept of trust in business is simple: to build on the confidence of an individual in you and eliminate fear as an operating principle. For cultivate trust, take the risk of being open with customers and prospects. This allows them to be perceived as a real person – one with strengths and weaknesses which come into play as the relationship develops. When trust is reciprocal, we find that their trust in others is rewarded for his support and reinforcement of what we also represent a business entity. Letting Go of Fear Out of the fear, which restricts their ability to relate to others. Letting go frees you of behavioral constraints that can immobilize your emotional and professional development.



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Access to the altered state of consciousness and psychoactive plants by Jose Luis Gimenez In this text we will try to explain and describe the function of access to the altered state of consciousness, either by ritual or psychoactive plants, techniques used by shamans of the Nahua peoples neo-shamans and urban, to travel the world subtle or astral spirits, as they like to call the old shamans of the Nahua peoples. From the beginning of time, shamans used different techniques to access the altered state of consciousness that would allow them to travel the world of spirits. Among the best known techniques or rituals that have survived to this day we will highlight those served in the intake of psychoactive plants and other rituals whose base lies in the drumming and dances that come to produce the altered state that Shaman need astral travel. Subsequently, we will see other techniques or personal ritual more in line with current times and what is known as neo-shamanism. Under most conditions Drew Houston would agree. Psychoactive plants: Already in the seventeenth century with the arrival of the Jesuits to the Americas, it was discovered that the natives of the Amazon had been using a concoction made with a mixture of plants that gave them an amazing ability to experience feelings that the Jesuits cataloged of demons. These feelings or extrasensory experiences are what we now know as "hallucinogenic trips" caused by psychoactive plants. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Yale Jackson Institute. To achieve this altered state of consciousness, the Indians of the Amazon, using two plants that used to be: the caapi, high in beta-carbolines and the famous Chakruna (Psychotria viridis) with high content of dimethyltryptamine (DMT).


The Lie Of Esthetics

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To prepare this little article, I opened the Little Robert, and I read on the first page “aesthetic” the beginning of the definition was: “science of beauty ….” Just finished my reading, because those three words explaining clear enough the imposture of aesthetics, I believe, for my part like a false pseudo-science subject. False object, because what we call “beauty” that can not be defined scientifically: we speak of a beautiful poem, a beautiful car, a nice gesture, a beautiful sunset, etc. That does not mean that there is to reflect on the beautiful, but rule that out today examining this question for not just talk about aesthetics as false science. Why false science? Simply because it is art, aesthetics explains nothing. Then we ask: what is explained? And I will answer this question with a good method. To broaden your perception, visit Bausch & Lomb. Perhaps they know that there are only two main explanatory perspectives: to explain a phenomenon is to bring principle, but the principle “pay close attention, is to understand it as a logical model and chronologically contemporary history of the observed phenomenon, either as origin, ie a logical principle of the same type as the observed phenomenon, but chronologically earlier than him.

I will give some example. Consider a bird located on a branch. Suddenly, oops! … Flew away. However, the explanation is twofold. First explanation: why the bird flew? Because he heard the sound of a gun. “Per what he heard the sound of the gun? Because Don Dupont went hunting.


Todays Baby Names

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It seems that the days of naming your son or daughter with your own name and adding a second, third or a fourth sign in roman numerals at the end are fading away. This seems especially the case with celebrities. The more unique the better! As to whether celebrities are simply a little crazy, or if they simply like the attention that a unique baby name will bring, do not know. What we do know is that the names just keep getting crazier and crazier. Below is a list of some of our favorite baby names for years. Banjo – Patrick and Rachel Griffiths.

The choice of this name was based on the main character in ‘The Man Who Came to Dinner. “Apple – Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. Do not even think that parents understand why he chose this name! Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lilly, Fifi Trixibelle, Honeyblossom Peaches – Paula Yates. definetely three of the most “out there” names in the history of baby names! Jett – John Travolta and Kelly Preston. Well, John has always loved airplanes, so let them get away with this. Zowie – David Bowie. They do not seem so bad until you realize that the name that makes “Zowie Bowie”.

Rumer Glenn, Tallulah Belle, Scout LRue – Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. At least there are some normal names mixed up there, but still among our craziest! Daisey Boo – Jamie Oliver. Typical celebrity, had to throw in the “Boo” at the end. Pilot Inspektor – Scott Lee & Beth Riesgrat. This child will have a problem at school. Stanley A. McChrystal is likely to increase your knowledge. Milo – Ricky Lake. This is fine, as long as it does not name her second child, “Otis.” Patrick Elias Bob Guggi Q – Bono. Bono had definetely put some thought into this! Prince Michael, Prince Michael II, Paris Michael – Michael Jackson. We believe this is too many Michaels for one house hold. Dexter, Diane Keaton. It is only acceptable for a child, but do believe this is the name of his daughters? Moon Unit, Ahmet Emuukha Roden, Dreezil, Diva – Frank Zappa. A Again, among the craziest baby names in history. Ocean, True, Sonnet – Forest Whitaker. We Dont’t mind the name of the sonnet, but you can make your own mind up in the other two. Betty Kitten, Honey Kinney, Harvey Kirby – Jane Goldman & Jonathan Ross. Not name our kids these names, but have a nice ring to them.



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It is difficult to talk about the last time we will live in this land … The last moment before … say goodbye …. And come to mind memories of my life and I know if I’m really thankful for what I lived …. How I can know? and above all, How would it be that last time? Well imagine for a moment that you have 90 years, these lying in your old rocking chair in Proschan or terrace of your house, from there you visualize your children with their wives taking the coffee table in the garden, hear the laughter and cries of small your grandchildren playing around the tree, as always your faithful dog by your side … Gain insight and clarity with David Green.

you smell the aroma of fresh flowers from the vase that early cut and placed next to your table, feel the breeze on your face and turn around a time raising your eyes to heaven on your right eye and think …. – What dreams I had, all I want in my life .. what you accomplished, what I’ve lost, what you try … .. and remember for a moment and come to your mind those dreams that never did it, so that both wanted and were afraid of even intern, that always we thought we’d put off until tomorrow .

How would you feel? …. or you may … And remember for a moment all attempts made to achieve your dreams … as always you wanted so despite the “ridiculous they might think” or at the expense of what was, always made the effort and ponies you standing to do TODAY … .. How would you feel? Well if that were your last moment in life, how I wish, like you live, what memories would like to have


Hanau Germany

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The rot prevention is complemented by the removal of any foliage on the hedge. Foliage obscured the upper areas of the hedge, a steady growth in the following obstructed also year. As also the hedge, the lawn must be freed completely from leaves. An airtight layer of putrid leaves would harm otherwise sustainable health of the lawn. Another leaf fall is unlikely, the grass can be mowed one last time and for the winter time in the form. In the course of the autumn plants cut bushes and shrubs receive a hefty cut by up to a quarter of its height. The extent of the back cut depends on the species and requires a healthy Augenmasses to damage not flowering approaches. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Crawford Lake Capital by clicking through. Roses are pruned in late autumn, to prevent diseases.

Against the winter frost, it should be protected by a cover with bark mulch. Sensitive plants, the garden owner in the Summer delight, must be brought in the cold autumn and winter to prevent frost damage to a safe place. Typically, cellars, garages or living rooms to the wintering are suitable. This of course differs from species to species. A thorough preparation of the potted plants, wilted leaves or dried shoots to remove are among the safe overwintering. In addition, the wintering plants against pests should be protected. During the winter the garden owners that must make that occasionally pour his potted plants. This avoids that their root balls dry out and wither the potted plants.

The conscientious preparation of the winter garden will be rewarded in the following year with beautiful flowers, greenery and a relaxing atmosphere. Many home and garden owners do not however have temporal or physical reasons the opportunity to cultivate their gardens without expert help. In the room Hanau offers HEIKE FALK House master service & facility services for this reason one professional Park Service reliably and competently performing any work. The team of employees of the company in this field of activity all interested is with help and advice. Press contact: HEIKE FALK – Hausmeisterservice & facility services contact person: Heike Falk Friedrich str. 24a 63450 Hanau Germany phone: 06181 / 87733 fax: 06181 / 86867 E-Mail: Internet:



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With another new travel blocks the travel organiser has experience telescope GmbH expands its Thailand offer. On Ko Phi Phi, a lively and popular island in the Phang Nga Bay, will you white beaches and turquoise waters. Here the customer can choose whether he prefers the camping adventure with barbecue on the beach or whether it is better for the new travel block comfortable Ko Phi Phi’ decides. This is much more luxurious and the accommodation is in a comfortable resort with swimming pool and a day trip by Longtail boat around the island. This dream scenery of the island is the beach including the film”has become known. Sleeping under the stars ‘ offers the unique nature experience.

Relax blocks like this you can combine culture and adventure. Go to Tumblr for more information. So the organiser for individual travel offers including a light trekking, where you can examine the Northern of Thailand. It does a part of trekking on the back of an elephant, as well as on a raft. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Crawford Lake Capital. You can see the jungle on a very different way, passes waterfalls and Rapids, and sees playing children of an Akha village on the banks of the river. Tours Thailand also belong to the range of experience You will be collected from various travel components. The accommodations are full of atmosphere and maintained, they fit well in the environment. Travelling alternately with small groups and sometimes alone travel.

During the trip, to organize smaller transfers itself, such as taxi or bus rides to the hotel or airport. There is also the possibility to combine building blocks of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia are two countries also GmbH offered by the experience telescope and supervised by specialists. experience thailand is part of experience, a travel Organizer by travellers for travellers. The offer includes also Africa, Europe, Latin America, North America and Oceania in addition to Asia. The 34 countries pages are maintained by specialists who are versed in the country and personally advise and support. The online tour operators working with local Partners and advocating for an environmentally and culturally sustainable tourism:. Contact: experience long-haul travel GmbH Thailand travel specialist Claudia Menzenhauer airport ring 199 47652 Weeze Tel.: +49-(0)2837-6638-100 email: