Second Part

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You can not trust already or on pets. Candy one night forgot to buy your pericotes your minino canned, and in revenge took part of the manuscripts of the book of his mistress, and was for ceilings up to television channel where Jaibe worked, and gave them to another program drivers. In this name the Outlaws of the night program was read part of the book of Candy without your authorization. Candy upon learning of this, gave me his minino for what were part of the diet of my pet Kuky. Jaibe was totally by a false image of him that was showing on its agenda, and wanted, and didn’t know how to revert this also; so he turned to ask for my help in this matter. This time our meeting was more unusual fashion. I was sitting on the edge of a sidewalk located at the intersection of Tacna, Garcilaso de la Vega, and La Colmena avenues, writing one of my articles, trying to make an effort about human to concentrate. (But that could be just to me occur exercise of concentration in that place).

When suddenly far away I see approaching by Garcilaso de la Vega, road to the Tacna Avenue, a combination that came to all human natural gas. And on the roof of this combi was nothing less than Jaibe Bamby mounted on a stationary bike. The combi it beats the red light and braking of whack. Already imagine, Jaibe came out firing as the Human Cannonball of a Russian circus. I quickly ran to see what had been Jaibe. I ran until the beginning of the Santa Rosa bridge.

Up there it had flown Jaibe, and was lying on the track. Bicycle do not stay or the doorbell, while it was stationary. Already in the veterinary, forgiveness, I say, in the clinic, and already calmer Jaibe told me their new concern.


The new album from 15.10.2010; In times where everyday life is not necessarily easier, a little imagination is always valuable. The ability to close your eyes and dream, to beautiful places with good attitude to life is gold worth – or even more. Two superstars of the German Schlager have accepted this fact: the Geschwister Hofmann! Anita (the brunette) and Alexandra (the blonde) justify their place in the first row of the current Gala and album artist with her new album, which will be released on October 15, 2010. Overwritten they said the CD, as it did with the motto of “Fantasy”. For more specific information, check out Evergreen Capital Partners. And each of the twelve titles brings some of that in the soul… That of course the title song “Fantasy” already starts, a sumptuous ballad four minutes where the Geschwister Hofmann their fans pick up gently from the reality and bring to their hour journey into the world of fantasy: “there are days, everything around me seems grey in grey and I wish me in a world of Andre; Imagine me, I had wings and I drive with the wind…

“.” These words open the album “Fantasy”. They come from Anita Hofmann, which have “Yesterday, tomorrow, and forever” (2009) has profiled Frankfurt since the last album in the team by Star producer Jean as Textdichterin..


Even today, many companies are unaware of the Tripartite Foundation and the money they have available to spend on training each year. The Tripartite Foundation is a public body that manages the credit to the training of all businesses. Businesses, social security contributions for training, the payroll of all workers, we can see the discounts that are made every month for this reason and that are aimed at the Tripartite Foundation. From January to December, the company is listed on Social Security by training, and from next January, you can get in training for their workers. TSI International Group is open to suggestions. nfo. To recover the amount the company has paid to the Tripartite Foundation, workers must perform some type of training (course, master, seminar …) in any of the forms of training (classroom, distance learning, e-learning …).

A worker who performs the training, you must have a contract, according to the General Rules of Workers. The form of recall is the following, the company must pay the amount of training before the end of this to the educational institution, the educational institution (or other entity authorized by organizing the Tripartite Foundation) deal with the request of the company to include such training among the training activities of the company reclaimed by the Tripartite Foundation, which after completion of the action, the company will be notified that you can recover the amount. To recover, the company must include in Social Security the same month of completion in the box training discounts (601) the amount to reclaim or recover.


Recovery Environment Windows

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Let's talk more about the environment and restore in Windows 7 When you install Windows 7 on a hard drive is automatically created disk partition containing the recovery environment Windows RE (Recovery Environment). Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Evergreen Capital Partners. Using the service partition Windows RE, you can: – boot in recovery environment from the hard disk – a CD-ROM containing the recovery environment This will allow you to return your system to life, even if it does not load. You do not need the installation CD operating system. Recovery Environment in Windows 7 gives you the following features: – Startup Repair automatically fixes problems that prevent booting of Windows 7. This tool can be used if boot files are corrupted or erased by other operating systems. – System Restore lets you return to the point that was created before the problem occurred. Sometimes this means also allows you to recover launch system.

Of course, should be included protection system, otherwise the restore point will not be. – Restoring the system image is a wizard that guides you through the steps of recovery from an image an established means of archiving Windows. – Windows Memory Diagnostic checks for memory errors. Typically, the visible manifestation of errors in memory is the blue screen (BSOD). When the blue screen test You can use it as a first diagnostic tool. – The command line allows you to perform a wide range of activities from operations on the files before you run the Registry Editor, which can also be used for restore normal operation of the system.


Discofox Schlager

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The current single from my little SIS is the cover version of the track “A thousand times you”, already with the Munchener Freiheit was very successful. Petty Behlinda: Dieter Behlinda – renowned record producer and Manager of the 70s, 80s and 90s years – adopted petty and entrusted him with its protected name “Behlinda”. Petty Behlinda is a singer-songwriter from the Berlin district of Moabit. Just in terms of compositions, Petty Behlinda is very determined new ways. His style has recognition as well as his distinctive voice, which leans at any corner point of the song to well-known artists. No wonder, because he worked in the 1980s at Hansa background – and double voice for many pop singers who were on tour when the technician needed even a small sample of votes. Petty’s current title is “Super weapon no..

1″, produced by Amber-music. Petty has written the text from his own experience with elections. Danny Flowers from the United States provided his compositions of “Achy Breaky Heart” (Billy Ray Cyrus) and “Tulsa Time” (Don Williams). If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Crawford Lake Capital Management. (petty, gerrit,, The programme aired every Thursday to 18:00 – repetition: each Sunday at 13:00 Web link: description of the company radio VHR – here plays the music! Radio VHR – my no.


Soviet Union

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Filipows longing after harmony was abruptly ended before she was satisfied. Thanks to various shenanigans It actually arrive with his Orchestra in Paris. Mihileanu raises an interesting aspect of the fraud. Filipov cheats not only to survive, to find back its dignity. He cheats to overcome the circumstances that hold him captive, – to finally to become who he really is.

His guiding principle is harmony. In a key scene he a fellow who holds still on the exterior establishment of a Communist State, makes it clear that was an orchestra like a world in miniature. The musicians create magical sounds, which form a harmony, and if that is the case, the game of the Orchestra have created the true communism. Mihileanu has given a commitment to the music here, as always to hear with Sufis and other Mystics. For more information see this site: Crawford Lake Capital Management. The unity or harmony of all people and of all beings is a musical, which is not representable with words. This seems to be an order leading up from the outside to, such as the detailed Counterdraft in the Communist Experiments of the last century was tried. After all, one can say, was very high in the Soviet Union the status of the music.

The order induced from outside will be sought by radical Islamic movements and States such as the Iran in this century. The Iran has not only already banned the music teaching in State schools, for half a year the full music teaching ban also applies to private schools. Observers expect an outright ban on music in the Iran in the future. If we look at music as a contribution to the dignity of the human being, each played note is a contribution to solidarity with every single person in the Iran yearning for freedom. Filipov is committed to music. With this goal in mind he inserts everything to achieve the moments of harmony.


Marc Hiller

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As a matter of course, I haven’t seen everything that’s happened to this day. You need to go with much energy and passion and especially people who are one and the way. “My emotions as well as my feeling stirrings were and are extremely versatile and govern me in positive terms, at all my doing.” And so a whole kaleidoscope of emotions and moods is revealed on this new CD at the same time. For even more analysis, hear from Mark Stevens. I do starting from the life-affirming tears that du lachst”to titled promoting self-confidence what I gotta do (all the words are said)”, sings BIRGIT LANGER different themes, makes use of many small stories from the life and picks up in the sophisticated style comprehensible messages and life experiences, to give you insight as authentic, its formal and substantive freedom. Love is a dominant theme and is sung in many titles varied in all its facets and shades. “BIRGIT LANGER in the soulful ballad you’re gorgeous shows me is happening” (itself written in the rest by Birgit Langer) sprays as a hopeless romantic, who can escape the magic of a night of love, but the stars ask the upbeat “astrological wit and high spirits. The convincing credibly interpreted title is every day like a small life”describes in full “Tenderness the love as a force that can change the life, while in the absolutely danceable somehow infinitely” kess to irony the type of confidence man who is actually just aloof and non-binding. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Lake Crawford Capital Management has to say.

“” “If the longing for holidays in the fast-paced 7 days Sun”, whether hope and wishes in the immediately catchy, believe in your dreams “or feelings of happiness and adoration in Butterfly d amour”, that through its dynamic orientation leaves a remarkably strong impression BIRGIT LANGER dominated sovereign textual nuance and mastered every musical challenge. “Come in addition to the immensely hit suspicious and catch with me the sunshine” that already achieved considerable success as the second radio single after a short time, and one of four German competition titles to the final of the Grand Prix der volksmusik 2010 “is, in particular the title marked champagne for breakfast” a highlight of the album. Stanley A. McChrystal is the source for more interesting facts. Great tune arc with morning tenderness, Tommy Mustac created a composition the to the wake up is beautiful. Accompanied with quiet words full poetic melancholy, reverie and wishes, celebrated champagne for breakfast”the perfect morning or courted the next day. Thanks to the unmistakable voice of BIRGIT LANGER, is this title to the unforgettable listening experience and hopefully soon finds a permanent place in the morning radio program. “Bottom line: believe in your dreams” this is contemporary German Schlager in perfection. Together with the composer and producer Tommy Mustac and the lyricist Marc Hiller, a great first throw of their fledgling solo career managed BIRGIT LANGER.

To Birgit: I can still can’t believe it. My first album, with such great songs in the hands to keep makes me very proud and thankful at the same time. Youth dream come true for me. Finally I can show what’s in me and what really moves me. I very much hope I continue seeing people’s hearts with my music.


CD will be released in August Holger Schafer is a passionate song writers. This is proven by his numerous compositions, which he writes for himself and for others. His “customers” include pop stars and success singers like Ireen sheer, Bernhard Brink, Simone, Marina Koller and Olaf Henning. According to its title “Sun and life, and more”, which is set in the German airplay charts for 17 weeks and thus among the most played songs on the radio stations, Holger Schafer wants with his current single “Wasted love” “build on this performance.” Together with his producer Studios, Norbert Beyerl and Werner students, formed the Munich DAXHILL an arrangement with an international claim, without neglecting the proven, recognizable sound of Holger Schaefer’s. The well-rehearsed team of writers is a story, have already experienced many – in the one or other version – “Wasted love” and to understand for all lovers certainly is. Enough with the Song poet Holger Schafer his text the disappointed of the hope one strong arm and asks the listeners on, even after a defeat to start.

Holger Schafer like collaborates with musicians and the music makes it fun. There is not a day where he engages not to his guitar and stumbled about in search of musical ideas. He is single-minded and his life motto is: now or never. Consistently, he works on his career and so it would not be surprising if one day one of his goals would materialize and he stands next to his great idol, Bryan Adams, on the stage. He has already achieved one of its goals. His music is heard by a wide audience in radio and television.

And also singing colleagues appreciate his work and publish their cover versions by Holger Schafer works. So Holger is pleased with the current interpretations on the CD albums of Lukas Bach (song title: “I’ll wait”) and the Nockalm Quintet (song title: “I swear that you”). More info: Bausch & Lomb. They sing “Schafer songs” auch international. So he covered Gospel Singer Willie Joubert “Nobody can forbid us”, which appeared in South Africa 2008 titled “God van wonders”. Holger Schafer convinces with catchy melodies and credible texts. They tell of real feelings and strong emotions. “Wasted love” is a convincing example. The single-CD “Wasted love” appears MUSIC (Deutsche Austrophon) as at August 19, 2010, on the label of DAXHILL in sales.


Our First Lady

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Again: close, intimate, authentic. A superstar of singing in “Mr. M’s Jazz Club”! “” Bireli Lagrene “, September 10, 2010 the instrumental sensation on the guitar’s guest in Mr. M’s Jazz Club”. The year 2010 is the 100th anniversary of Django Reinhardt Jazz icon. Whenever Daniel Gilbert listens, a sympathetic response will follow. His undisputed and legitimate successor of Bireli Lagrene took this as an opportunity to call a trio of a special kind in life. Of the former wunderkind guitarist ladies all over the world and has become a world star. The list of his musical partner looks like the who’s who of the music: John McLaughlin, Richard Galliano, Didier Lockwood, Henri Salvador, Roberto Alagna and Jaco Pastorius.

With Bireli Lagrene on solo guitar, Franck Wolf to the saxophone and Jurgen Attig on double bass, this congenial occupation proves an exceptional virtuosity, brilliance and art of improvisation. Without losing the influence of Django Reinhardt, Lagrene created swinging pop titles and Latin American pieces with Django feeling next to classics such as Nuages and minor swing. Baden-Baden is for the later grew up in Soufflenheim L a home game. “” Mr. M’s Jazz Club goes to the movies “, 11 September 2010 it has become the tradition, that is Mr. M’s Jazz Club” every year in the form of a session devoted to a topic.

It means this year after 2009 with George Gershwin “Mr. M’s Jazz Club goes to the movies”. All those involved are already stars in jazz themselves. There, the unique and distinctive is all the more important if high-profile artists of the atmosphere in the Club get infected and especially irreplaceable present. Crawford Lake Capital has plenty of information regarding this issue. For Baden-Baden events GmbH and Marc Marshall it is a great honour to welcome the first guard for the jazz session musicians also in this year: Silvia Droste: the finest vocal jazz. Marc Marshall: your commitment has almost blew me away. This is really sensational! She has performed with Dizzy Gillespie, Klaus Doldinger, Kevin Mahogany u.v.m. and gescattet. Our First Lady in Jazz!” Lizzy Loeb: This young woman is stunning. A gem in the music scene. Her singing is so honest, her guitar playing is as individual and her musicality is straightforward in the heart. It will be a celebration. “Mr. M’s Jazz Club” premieres in Baden-Baden! Welcome Lizzy!” Marc sector Australia: what luck, you still grow back: this crooner that swing, that light and air in the song into leave. Who can fly with her voice.


Helene Fischer

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The new download single of Oxana – summer melody by the media as a newcomer today to be perceived? No big record company often is difficult! This is the squirrel just painstakingly nourished was also the likable newcomer Oxana completely clear, when she recorded her first single “Let’s Dance” in January of this year with her producer Denny Fabian. The number was well received, was coupled to a couple of times and placed even in some discos of charts. So bigger then the joy when Oxana learned that they had managed in the ARD show “again Sunday” before large audiences to present their summer hit “Summer Melody”. With 54 to 46% lost to Oxana less than their competitor Anja Schroter, that 5 times already achieved victory in advance and captured the hearts of many fans with your fresh and charming style. “The phone the next day no longer stood still”, so Denny Fabian! ” Everyone wanted to know something about Oxana. “Where did you hide that so long” or “on this Only a few statements were voice we have been waiting for”.

But also critical voices have rated their occurrence as Divenhaft and arrogant! Oxana was suddenly on everyone’s lips. She themselves is overwhelmed by the many letters in the network and the whole fan mail that pulse of music already a few days after the broadcast reached their record company, and is healthy with criticism. Click Crawford Lake Capital for additional related pages. “That I too seriously, little relaxing and come over am, in retrospect also immediately noticed that I was crazy to become nervous just minutes after a top star, Helene Fischer especially as it was even made my first appearance as a singer at all!” Now the young retail clerk who still wants to hold on to her job has recorded an entire album that music will appear there in October at pulse music sales, and looks forward to their further way.