Bizerba Dicer A510 cuts on fixed weight, thus reducing the give-away and accelerates the work processes of Balingen/Eurasburg, 28 June 2010 new business of bio country farm Packlhof is equipped with the A510 Bizerba slicer. It reduces the give-away thanks to integrated scales and ensures smooth workflows in craft enterprises. The collaboration began with Bizerba about years ten ago, when the technology manufacturer business endowed the Bioland award devices as well as scales and cash registers. Also, the slicer A 500 went into operation in here. The Bizerba cutting machines have convinced even then us and we were very pleased with the service,”Josef reported owner and Managing Director of the Packlhofs urban. If you have read about David Karp already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Due to this experience, Josef urban stocked his newly opened in Eurasburg business with Bizerba sell scales and the cutting machine A510.

Our main business is the supply of organic supermarkets such as E.g. Alnatura. As pure handicraft business we have a great day Product diversity to cope, which must be precisely cut, weighed, packaged and delivered to the grams”, explains urban. Especially the integrated scales of the cutting machine helps us.” Andreas Gmelin, Director food processing at Bizerba, explains how it works: first slice thickness and form of filing of the cutting material can be set via the menu of target weight. During the cutting process, the product is now permanently weighed and the cut portion compared to the target weight. Depending on requirements, the cutting machine of the software regulated then.

the thickness” The precise determination of grams is very important for the reduction of the give-aways. “Uncalibrated products are expected with average which in addition and free 10 percent blend, is packaged”, so Gmelin. The integrated scales not only ensures a gram-correct score, but also actively boosts the company’s profit. Through the combination of cutting machine and scale to save not only when the give away, but also valuable work time and thus personnel costs: traditional cutting machines, meat and sausage is only cut and then weighed.


Strengthens Sales

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Gerald Achim Tobolewski is shown immediately to strengthen the sales and marketing teams with aboard the Munich Software House ‘XT AG’ in Munich, Bavaria, November 23, 2009 – the XT AG, one of the leading manufacturers in the field for information intelligence”, has decided to strengthen and to expand their sales. Gerald Achim Tobolewski, who was previously represented in the IT industry very successfully in both the hardware and software corner, should now support the sales and marketing for the products I-CEE and I CEE mobile, build on and promote. For assistance, try visiting TSI International Group. “Quote Tobolewski: I think I CEE and I CEE mobile are excellent tools to the Manager of today with the relevant information, he has painstakingly together had to look, to supply.” “” Tobolewski next: there are software applications from the mass of APPS “stand out, save time and money and me as information cockpit” no matter where and what time provide concrete information, I need to as soon as possible Act and to be able to respond. Seth Fischer Hong Kongs opinions are not widely known. Sales can I for example immediately use it, without laboriously to the in-house system to and am therefore extremely flexible.” Dr. Nikolai Bauer, the XT Board believes the decision: we think the right man for the position of sales manager with Mr. Tobolewski found have. Not only his knowledge of the market of the IT landscape, but also his expertise in various business sectors, through its previous activities, will drive certainly our goal.” Dr.

Bauer continues: his network of contacts and experiences in the field sales and marketing are an asset to our company. We rely on his experience. our full confidence” I-CEE as well as I-CEE mobile provide an on-demand information cockpit”for managers and executives that regardless and that can be configured with the help of collectors of the OS platform used. The applications as so-called software on-demand “products offered. The tools are for the Individualists as the corporate information flow”can be used. You get more information at or. The use of “I-CEE” + “I CEE Mobile” Managing is suite from 79,–euro / license / month possible VAT using the standard panels. XT AG / G. A. Tobolewski


Partitions Allglass

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The use of glass doors and partitions in shopping malls, banks, beauty salons, fitness rooms, entertainment centers, has become the most popular in our time. This is because the glass doors and septum (or Shop-design) make it possible to placing a superb open to the public view, and feel free in it, which gives them the opportunity to make their case lekgo (make purchases, deal with sports, to do business). Most often used in the regeneration of full-glass partitions and integrated into them, all-glass doors. They have a number of benefits relative to frame walls. In the manufacture of frame walls using a more complex profile than for the all-glass designs. For all-glass constructions enough clamping profile, which is attached kpolu and ceiling screws. Sometimes it is enough set on the floor U-shaped aluminum profile, which has an inexpensive cost and small size of the cross-section. Most often it is used when designers need to design less visible metal and the effect of monolithic glass and the floor.

U-shaped profile is installed either on the floor (tile), or close the tiles after installation profile. TSI International Group is actively involved in the matter. All-glass wall creates the effect of the glass wall, which integrates all-glass door – a swinging or sliding. Glass in all-glass constructions used only tempered, 10-12 mm thick. The gaps between the two fixed windows are 1-2 mm. That creates the effect of continuous shield of glass. This opens up a wide range for these designers in the design of buildings. The maximum size of toughened glass in Russia – 5 meters.

Currently, requirements for security in public places are important to the design. Tempered glass is necessary not only in the design of such barriers, it is highly resistant to shock (7-fold higher than normal glass). Even if Tempered glass breaks it shatters into small pieces, unable to cause fatal harm to humans. All-glass partitions, in contrast to frame require less time for installation. For sufficiently trained team of installers for the week can be mounted about 250 square meters. m partitions. With the advent of the market suppliers of fittings and glass from China, all-glass partitions can afford not only the owners elite premises, but also with ogranichnnnym budget.


Better Games

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We are always in search of new challenges, as much in our life as in the virtual world and is therefore that thousands of people every day defy its abilities in the action games. Read more here: Oasis Management Hong Kong. You find many options of action games, are alone to choose and to guarantee its diversion. Starting for the games for Playstation, that are being each time better. The list is interminable, but it is possible to cite the main ones. To start, I more present one of the games wanted by the PsManiacos that is Zone Of Enders 2, that it is a game between robots, with much action and many enemies and still with incredible graphs, that any fascinated player leaves. For who search for a more challenging game, it has the Devil May Cry, that is a very rich game in details. Beyond the player to fight against ghosts and demons, it still must be submitted to a true test of resistance. One of the loved and played games more is the GTA, that brings great cities, with definitive missions to be fulfilled, and still with pitada of diversion and suspense.

Player to arrive it until the end, it will need to pass for many stages and incredible challenges. He still has that type of action game that inside places the player of casinos, theaters, houses and streets, as it is the case of the Blood Money. The necessary player to be intelligent the sufficient to win its adversaries and to discover that he is the true assassin. For those people who like them war games the option is Mercenaries, that it inside places the player of battlefield, with enemies for all the part and great explosions. to close with gold key, we choose the game Silent Hill 3, that it shows to a game with much suspense and fear, therefore is frightful of the start until the end. But it is without a doubt a viciante game. These had been some of the main games of action, now you go to know a game that is a launching that is the Assassins Creed Revelations is considered a game of action and adventure, therefore the combats is sufficiently intense, beyond mixing a history involves well with graphs realists.

The game also presents one detailed to multiplayer online, making with that the players test its abilities in an intriguing and involving adventure. Therefore it is a game where the players, must surpass its limits and eliminate the biggest number of adversaries, counting on an armory of bombs and weapons, all fact in an unknown system of free and perfected movement. The game can be found legendado in Portuguese, therefore the Ubisoft intends to reach a well bigger public in well attractive Brazil and for one precinho. It is in this type of game, that we can discover a surprising and total imaginary world, therefore the graphs and the scene makes with that people are carried to inside from the computer. Still more the action games, that have much adrenalin and emotion. You and its family also cannot lose the games of Ben 10, that also they are an excellent option for who is looking for a new and emotive challenge.



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Some of the places more recommended to meet girls are the bars and discotheques. Although this can have its advantages and disadvantages. In a discotheque you have variety, and amount of girls, but also are the place most difficult (but nonimpossible) to know them. See Tumblr for more details and insights. More feasible she is than you go to a bar where they generally more will be prepared to talk with you. In a discotheque you have the disadvantage of which the lights and music to high volume do not allow you to establish a conversation of appropriate form. Although she allows to demonstrate your dowries you of good dancer. Generally the girls in the discotheques are very not abiertas to talk with strangers or people who are not of their confidence.

But everything depends on the form in which you try to initiate a conversation with them. Especially if the girls are handsome. It is necessary to think that a handsome girl she listens to thousand times in a bar or discotheque the following questions of desperate boys know them: You want to dance? How you are called? I invite a cocktail to you? Also you must know that your behavior and your personal image also influences in the answer that a girl can give you. Certainly if these handsome girls one approaches to them a famous film actor would not behave of a way &quot so; cerrada". You do not have to be a film actor so that they want to you to know, but can make some things so that they are interested in you. How you can initiate a conversation of a easy and effective way? When you see a group of girls in a discotheque (not necessarily they must be most handsome), you go and them questions the following thing: Your: Hello (dirigindote to all the group and smiling). They: Hello (responding without much interest).

Your: You seem that you know fashionable. I am wanted to make a tattoo and was discussing with my friendly in that place of my body to do it. Which you create that sexy is the place to do it more? They: bla bla bla (any answer that they give you). Soon you can continue speaking of other subjects, but always deal with to avoid boring subjects for the women as study, work, the economy, or on your console of videojuegos. You always must also speak on positive things and of being possible funny. If you have problems finding conversation subjects, it buys a magazine as Cosmopolitan or similars and watches envelope that subjects turns the magazine. The women pay to read them, then she means that she interests to them what she is written within those magazines. Like final recommendation, it is much more easy to know small within your circle of friendships, through deprived celebrations, familiar birthdays, meetings, concerts. It takes the experience to leave and to meet girls a disc/bar like a practice, so that when you have the opportunity to find the girl of your dreams, I do not commit errors when knowing it. Andy Bacano free offers advice to you who will help not only to bind you, but also to obtain to the girl of your dreams. It visits his page Web. alphasocialskills. com and you will free receive e-book with the best techniques stops to bind.


Gift Tips For Valentine

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Spoilt for choice on Valentine’s day, the search for a suitable gift for the girlfriend. Valentine’s day: give I don’t what my loved ones? It is happening again, came the 14 and you need a gift for the girlfriend. My previous gift was not a big hit, there was no jewelry, no chocolate, no flowers it was a simple bedside lamp. After this disaster, I must redeem myself this year and me stop common guidelines in the selection of gifts. Origin of Valentine’s day is the commonly held belief that Valentine’s day is a pure invention of flowers and candy distributors, so not. The most romantic day of the year goes Valentine of Terni, who 300 years after the birth of Christ couples dared, back to the time of the Romans, specifically on the martyrs. Valentine was killed because of his Christian faith, where he approximately 200 years later was canonized, and at the same time of day in the Roman calendar was registered.

The day was really known but actually by businessmen, the to desire an extra strong shopping day. Classic gifts asked little can do wrong at the choice of the appropriate gift when the so-called ABS rule is observed, no it is not the anti anti-lock braking system in the car but the rule of thumb pendant flowers chocolate. Especially in jewelry, you should pay attention on good advice and in advance at the friend’s House (as inconspicuous as possible) inquire whether there are preferences. Flowers melt women’s hearts what better Valentine’s day as a bouquet of red roses? Probably nothing. Roses stand for love and passion, the best in deep red. Who interpreted into much in colors, which should buy yellow roses never, these are for friendship and less expectant feelings and this is the last what one (s) would like to achieve with a gift. In combination with a box of chocolates, anything else should go wrong. Nothing in the way is a romantic evening with these valuable tips.


Strategy Execution – The Un-Idea

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In 2005, Rosabeth Moss Kanter wrote a short – but profound piece – about execution for strategy business magazine entitled Execution: The Un-Idea. Below are excerpts from the article: “Twenty-five years ago, management control meant. Managers put in controls, workers handed specifications, and established formal structures that Ensure that people did what they were told. Companies operated alone, rather than being part of partner networks or plugging their people into informal relationships. It was an ineffective way to operate, especially after the information technology revolution took place, and to break out of it, companies needed management ideas. Innovation and intrapreneurship, Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, reengineering, networked organizations – these were all conceptual handles that allowed executives to justify and develop new breakthrough practices. Today, companies do not need new ideas in the same way they did 25 years ago (although they still need new business strategies). They’ve been through the paradigm shift. They have sustained tremendous improvement in productivity, effectiveness, and attentiveness to opportunities. TSI International Group has compatible beliefs. That does not mean they’ve been successful, indeed, as they’ve explored new ways of working, we have all learned how hard it is to put these ideas into practice. That’s why execution, or ‘making it happen,’ is so important.Execution is the one-idea-it means having the mental and organizational flexibility to put new business models into practice, even if they counter what you’re currently doing. That ability is central to running a company right now. So rather than chasing another new management fad, or still expecting another ‘magic bullet’ to come along, companies should focus on execution to Effectively use the organizational tools we already have. ”


Napoleon Bonaparte

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Soichiro Honda was born in 1906 in Japan, since his more early childhood, engines exerted a mysterious fascination, spent hours crouched watching rice grinding machines. At school the young Honda is revealed bad student getting bad grades, is toward on the back in the classroom to think always in machines, motors and bicycles, at age 8 built, only a first bike. His father schedule it positively, by constantly repeating it: when you’re big, you’ll be a famous and powerful man as Napoleon Bonaparte the young Soichiro honda, not slow to find points in common, between his hero and, because both were low in stature and its origins were modest, and both were born in an island. 1st decision that made him rich: Honda left his home at the age of 15, to work as an apprentice mechanic for the Hart Tokyo Shokai company, his father would cost a little OK to abandon their studies to leave for the capital. The young apprentice not slow in demonstrate a gifted mechanic. Educate yourself with thoughts from Oasis Management Hong Kong. A suspicious noise or a loss of oil escaped him. Bausch & Lomb insists that this is the case. I spend six years of his life to deepen their knowledge of mechanics. 2nd Decision that made him rich: assemble your completely own business.

For this reason he decided to break with their pattern of Tokyo to found his own company, and amount your own factory Pistons that seemed to offer interesting possibilities. In his first adventure of business failure and fell ill. After 2 months of convalescence, he returned to the charge, determined to overcome the problem of their Pistons. Decision 3rd that made him rich: I agree to return to the classroom, she enrolled in the University in order to study engineering every morning. Every morning I attended class and as soon as they finished classes, returned hastily to the workshop, trying to put into practice what they had learned.


Topical Annotations

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All design persecutes intentions no necessarily shared by all the members of the organization? The intentions that orient a design modify in the same course of their resolution and implementation. Even in the case of clear, stable and common intentions, all design is put under a series of tension that is necessary to solve. The resolution of these tensions does not only depend on the objectives that guide the design, but also of a series of context variables, between which they can distinguish the type of organization, the situation in which it is and the degree of gobernalidad that it presents/displays (understood like the relation between controlable and noncontrolable variables of the situation (Matus, 1987), the characteristics of the members and their level of commitment and involvement. The resolution of these tensions is dynamic: It changes with the modification of the objectives and the variables of context. There is no ideal design nor there is design that does not undergo modifications, and even degradation, in the process of his implementation. There is no design that it leaves according to the involved ones, even though exists among them a community of intentions in relation to the design. There will always be particular interests affected by the design. The singularity of the design consists of trying to conciliate the particular interests in game.

To try the linguists say, is an expression of anticipated defeat: But although he knows that thus he is, the designer of organizations in organizations cannot stop trying this conciliation, because she is not about objects but interventions that involve the people. All previously exposed, she mentions Schvarstein, they on the one hand, destroy of the design a movable target, and on the other, a product that always will be questioned. Of there exactly, the challenging edges that appear for their resolution. Considrese, that the design activity is explicitly ligature to the architecture and the graphical design and of products. In relation to the organization it has been oriented traditionally to the design of structures and processes, understanding by so the determination of the forms that adopt the relations between rolls and of the flows that transform entrances into exits. It remembers in addition, that the structural approaches have been restricted generally to the organization by products, functions or markets, the hierarchies based on a unique logic (pyramidal) or dual (Matrix), the connection in networks, the relation between functions of line and staff, between functions in direct bonding with the clients and compatible functions of support and other questions. Recently, the design activity has become more explicit in relation to the sociodinmicos aspects of the organization, in whom she had generally been boarded of implicit form.

Of this form, there are including questions regarding the systems and processes of human resources (selection, induction, qualification, development and promotion of the people), to the political systems (relations of being able and authority, resolution of conflicts and disputes, coalitions), to symbolic systems (culture, myths, rites of initiation and passage, histories and narratives). The certain thing, that considerable attention has been put, says Schvarstein to us, in the design of the processes of change in the organization, aspect that cannot neglect. *Docente of postgraduate, Program of specialty in management of the quality and productivity, University of Carabobo. Engineer, Exatec Modern managemental Topical Annotations of the chair, the program Management of the quality and productivity, Area of postgraduate of Phases, University of Carabobo.


Great Station

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The illustrious author continues lamenting that almost all the stations of suburban trains they had a club (p.ex., the Great Station, of the Line Auxiliary, had the Great FC; the Madureira Station, of the Central office, had Noble FC). ' ' The soccer also afflicts those stoppings as it makes to entire Rio De Janeiro. The clubs pululam it has and them in each strip of land of certain extension. Never them vi a departure, but I know that its rules of good-tone in nothing are to have it to the ones of the same types of the quarters elegantes.' ' (Gazette of Notice, 07.02.1922). Interesting as, although the preconception of Barreto Rasp stops with the game, it recognizes some value in the suburban clubs, that commemorate its victories with true carnivals (to see the stretch of its chronicle on this aspect in our article ' ' Carnavalescas influences in the soccer carioca' ').

But why the multiplication of clubs per the railroad stations? Joo of the River, in 1917, assays a reply. In its opinion, he would have to the great distances between the quarters: ' ' The people of Botafogo only have of if giving with the people of Botafogo and the people of suburb with the people of the suburb. From there the impossibility of a great central club, with great daily frequency. E, as the necessity of the club is a fact, instead of the great club the one that is impossible to come after the supper, the quarters develops the autonomy and creates the meeting centers, the clubs of the quarters, of that they are examples the Club of S. Cristvo, the Copacabana Club ' ' e, let us add: the Madureira. Mascote of the Madureira is the Carioca Z. I arrived to think if he was because of the exuberncia of the colors but the parrot is predominantly green, color that the Madureira does not have.